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The department of Animal Science, in line with the mission of the university, exists to provide appropriate knowledge and skills relevant to the needs of the people at all levels through teaching, research and active participation in community development. Modules have been designed to ensure that students acquire analytical, critical thinking, communication and computer literacy skills. Real life problems encountered in the commercial, small scale emerging and public sector are used to develop skills.

Students can follow the following specializations
1. Animal breeding

The purpose of this section is to train students to acquire knowledge and skills to enable them develop genetic improvement programs for farm animals, based on genetic principles. It is one of the core sections of the department.

2. Animal physiology and health
The aim of this section is to enable students to evaluate productive performance and understand how the desired performance can be achieved. It also enable students to appreciate how complex it is to maintain the health and welfare of animals.

3. Animal nutrition

The objective is for students to learn about the economic feeding of animals according to their needs. Students also learn to evaluate the digestive, absorptive and metabolic processes in animals and how these influence the nutritive value of feeds and the nutrients requirements of animals. Students are made awe that the optimization of farm animal feeding requires the integration of biological and economic factors and these are associated with the animal, the feed and the environment.

4. Animal Production Systems and Management

The aim is to use a holistic approach to teach students dairy, beef, fat lamb, goat, pig and poultry production. The students should be capable of identifying and solving production problems associated with these systems. Emphasis is placed on small scale farming systems.

GEN 1641:
Genetic Basis of plant and Animal breeding
CPL 0621:
Computer Literacy
CRD 4643:
RME 3648:
Research methods
AGR 1631:
Agriculture and Humankind
AEC 2541:
Introduction to Agricultural Economic Analysis
AGR 2541:
Introduction to Plant Production
EXT 2541:
Introduction to Rural Sociology
SSC 2541:
Introduction to Soil Science
AEC 2641:
Introduction to Marketing Agricultural Products
ARE 2641:
Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization
AEC 3541:
Farm Business Management
ARE 3546:
Farm Structures
AEC 3641:
Marketing of Agricultural Products
AGR 4532:
Management of Natural and Cultivated Pastures
ARE 4641:
Animal Traction
EXT 3641:
Introduction to Agricultural Extension
BIO 1541:
Diversity of Life
ECO 1541:
Basic Microeconomics
CHEM 1541:
General Chemistry for the Applied Sciences
MAT 1543:
Mathematics for Biological, Earth and Life Sciences
PHY 1527:
Physics for Environmental and Agricultural Sciences
ECO 1641:
Basic Macroeconomics
STA 1549:
Basic Statistics
ECS 1541:
English Communication Skills
ECS 1645:
English Communication Skills for Natural and Agricultural Sciences
ANS 2531:
Principles of genetics
ANS 2532:
Introduction to animal production
ANS 6643:
Advance animal physiology and anatomy
ANS 2631:
Advance small stock production
ANS 6645:
Principles of animal nutrition
ANS 2641:
Anatomy, histology and physiology of farm animals
ANS 3531:
Genetic principles in animal breeding
ANS 3542:
Management of ruminant farm animals
ANS 3632/ 3642:
Principles of poultry production
ANS 3633/ 3643:
Animal health
ANS 3641:
Reproductive physiology
ANS 4531:
Qualitative and quantitative genetics
ANS 4532:
Biochemical principles in animal nutrition
ANS 4081:
Seminar/ Scientific project
ANS 4621:
Animal production systems and management
ANS 4632:
Environmental physiology
ANS 5531:
The science and management of monogastric animals
ANS 5532:
The science and management of ruminant animals
ANS 5631:
Selected topics in animal production
ANS 5632:
Animal health and disease control
ANS 5099:
Research project and mini dissertation
ANS 6541:
Agricultural biometry
ANS 6531:
Seminar presentation/ special topics
ANS 6542:
Ruminant nutrition
ANS 6543:
Advanced large stock production
ANS 6544:
Advanced pig production
ANS 6545:
Advanced animal breeding
ANS 6631:
Seminar presentation
ANS 6642:
Non ruminant nutrition
ANS 6643:
Advanced animal physiology and anatomy
ANS 6644:
Advance small talk Advance small stock production
ANS 6645:
Advanced poultry production
ANS 6099:
ANS 7099:


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