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The agriculture curriculum at UNIVEN was first established in 1986 as part of the then Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In January 1995, the School became autonomous with five (5) academic departments. The Department of Forestry was first established in 1998, with the first batch of students being registered in 1999. The department offers Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Forestry Specialisation).


Within the framework of the mission of the School of Agriculture, the Department of Forestry is dedicated to developing scientists who will be competent in sustainable management of forest resources, be aware of environmental conservation issues and able to address the Sustainable Development Goals to suit local community and global needs.


To excel in teaching, research, and community engagement to facilitate utilization and sustainable management of forest resources.


The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Forestry Specialization).

The programme aims at developing scientists who will be competent in sustainable management of natural resources (land, forestry and wildlife), aware of environmental conservation and be able to help communities in sustainable use of forests and trees.
The programme covers a broad range of modules in agriculture (plant production, protection, propagation, breeding, soil science, and agricultural economics) and in forestry (forest ecology and conservation, wood products and utilization, silviculture and harvesting in natural and planted forests and community forestry. Upon completion, graduates can be employed in:

♦ Community forestry and agro-forestry initiatives;
♦ Conservation and ecotourism;
♦ Training, research and extension and planning in government departments and NGOs;
♦ Management of operations in commercial plantations and wood processing industries as well as engage in private entrepreneurship in forestry and/or wood processing.


Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

FRT 2541:Forest ecology and tree identification
FRT 2543:Wood Anatomy and Properties
FRT 2641:Introduction to Forestry engineering
FRT 2642:Wood and non-wood-based materials
FRT 3542:Sawmilling
FRT 3544:Forest Resources Assessment
FRT 3642:Forest Policy
FRT 3643:Silviculture of planted forests
FRT 3644:Forest Protection
FRT 3645:Logging and Roads
FRT 4541:Agroforestry
FRT 4542:Forest Conservation
FRT 4642:Community Forestry
FRT 4643:Timber transportation and planning
FRT 4644:Silviculture of natural forests
FRT 4081:Project and seminar presentation
The following is a list of staff members in the Department of Forestry