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The agriculture curriculum at UNIVEN was first established in 1986 as part of the then Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. In January 1995, the School became autonomous with five (5) academic departments, one of which was Soil Science. The Department has been offering Bachelor of Agriculture (with a specialization in Soil Science) and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Soil Science). The Bachelor of Agriculture programme has since been discontinued.


The Department of Soil Science, strives within the framework of the mission of the school to improve, through teaching, research and community outreach, the sustainable management and use of soil as a natural resource for sustainable livelihoods of the community that is served by the university.


To become a centre of excellence in the use and management d of soil as a natural resource in the southern Africa region.

The broad based curriculum consists of modules from various disciplines in agriculture, offering students a wide range of career opportunities such as research and training in private and public sector. The curriculum is structured in a way that allows students that are registered in our department and have completed the first year, to articulate into other relevant programmes within the school of Agriculture. Staff in the department also teach and service other departments with modules such as SSC 2541, SSN 3641, SSC 4541, SSC 4641, SSC 4645. The staff in the department is also involved in co-supervision of students with staff from other institutions thus strengthening the intellectual credibility and standing of the programme / department.
Below is a list of the modules offered by the department.

AGR 1631 : Agriculture and Humankind
SSC 2541 : Introduction to Soil Science
SSC 2642 : Geology for Soil Science
SSC 3531 : Soil Biology and Ecology
SSC 3641 : Soil Fertility and Analysis
SSC 3544 : Soil Physics
SSC 3541 : Soil Classification and Mapping
SSC 3542 : Soil Chemistry
SSN 3641 : Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
SSC 3642 : Soil Microbiology
SSC 3543 : Pedology
RME 3648 : Research MethodsRegional pedology
SSC 4541/401: Soil-plant-water relationships
SSC 4642/412: Advanced soil chemistry
SSC 4643/422: Advanced soil physics
SSC 4081/420: Seminar
SSC 4542/431: Land evaluation
SSC 5531: Soil genesis and morphology
SSC 5631: Soil survey and classification
SSC 5632: Soil technology and conservation
SSC 5099: Research project and mini-dissertation
SSC 6531 Soil Genesis, Survey and Classification
SSC 6532 Soil Chemistry and Clay Mineralogy
SSC 6533 Soil Physics
SSC 6632 Chemical analysis of soils, plants, fertilizer and water
SSC 6631 Project and seminar presentation
SSC 6634 Soil biology and biochemistry
SSC 6633 Soil fertility and fertilizer use
SSC 6635 Soil Technology and Conservation
Contact Us
Name: Professor JJO Odhiambo
Position: Head of Department
Telephone: +27 15 962 9008
Office: School of Agriculture
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