Procedures to follow by Postgraduate student

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agriculture

To make sure quality assurance processes are followed from the first day the Master or Doctoral student applies for studies in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Agriculture [FSEA], this section was created to make sure the Main supervisor and the Master or Doctoral student is fully aware of what is expected from them and know the procedures to follow.  The aim is to allow the Master and Doctoral postgraduate student to have an enjoyable journey and know what is expected from him/her and the time allowed to do this in.

All the sections listed here, contain the relevant information and procedures with the correct forms to use in every step from registration – to ethics approval – to examinations procedures. If followed, the student will be able to have the proposal approved with minimum delays, the ethics clearance received to start the study in time and to finish well within the residency period.

If any more information is needed, please contact Prof. Natasha Potgieter who is the Interim Deputy Dean: Research and Postgraduate studies in the Faculty for assistance.

Her email and office number is as follows:
Office #: +27 (015) 962 8107

A. Important committees in the Faculty and Department to use in assisting with successful application processes

B. Registration process to follow to become a successful Master or Doctoral student in the Faculty

C. The MoU to be signed by supervisor(s) and student directly after registration as a Master or Doctoral student

D. Proposal preparation for approval by Faculty before ethics application

E. Application for and obtaining ethics clearance certificate

F. Final approval of research proposal by UHDC

G. Quarterly and Yearly reports

H. Examination processes

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