Prof Elelwani Khuba
“Being a woman does not mean you have second hand brains, it does not mean that you cannot lead because you’re a woman, do not look down upon yourself just because you’re a woman, rise young woman rise”. Those were the words of the former University of Venda’ first female Professor, Prof Elelwani Khuba during the launch of the ‘Women in Leadership Annual Dialogue’ (WLAD). The launch which was mostly attended by female students took place on Friday, 06 May 2016 at the University Auditorium.

Prof Elelwani Khuba
Prof Elelwani Khuba encouraged young female students to study hard in order to command respect in society. “As young as you are you must study hard in order to be respected in society and not be discouraged because you are a woman”, said Prof Khuba.
The MEC of the Department of Health in Limpopo Province, Dr Phophi Ramathuba
The launch was attended by the MEC of the Department of Health in Limpopo Province, Dr Phophi Ramathuba who gave motivational talk. “We cannot talk about us being free if a grown up man can still murder a 9-year-old girl just outside of our campus. We must also address the myth that if you sleep with a young virgin girl you will be cured of HIV” and what stops us from protesting against rapists”, said Dr Ramathuba. The MEC further said “I do not admit that if you’re wearing a mini skirt you’re applying to be raped, if I want to be beautiful by wearing a mini skirt let me be”.
The purpose of the Women in Leadership Annual Dialogue is to reach out to female students of the University and other partner institutions. “The only way to empower a girl child is through education as we want all our female MECs to be educated. I want to see all of you who are members of the SRC cabinet holding powerful positions in our government one day. When my term comes to an end as the MEC of Health, I want another educated woman to take over from me. It is only education that can make a child of a domestic worker to become a doctor or a lawyer. It is money which pays for school fees not position”, said Dr Ramathuba.
Dr Ramathuba praised the University of Venda SRC cabinet for having female students in leadership roles. “It is rare for a university to have a woman president and another woman as her deputy in the SRC cabinet. I want to see more of you holding more leadership roles in our society as where a woman is in charge you see success not undermining our fellow males”, she added.
The programme is being driven by the University Strategic Objective number eight (8) of enhancing quality of student life. The President of the SRC Mashudu Nthulane encouraged her fellow students to stick together and help each other to succeed.

Above: L-R Hlekani Mtileni (SRC Deputy President) and Mashudu Nthulane (SRC President

“As young women we must not be afraid of occupying leadership positions, whether in politics, society and churches and in order to do that we must stick together and help each other to succeed”, said Nthulane. She also used the platform to announce that in honour of Prof Elelwani Khuba, the SRC is going to re-name the F4 student residences after Prof Elelwani Khuba. Some of the prominent women who attended the launch include motivational speaker, Mrs Humbelani Netshandama, Lishaba Tshiamo, Manager ICON Brand and Reneilwe Mashabela, Basic Educational Member of the Parliament in Limpopo Province. The following were on the panel discussion during the launch: Dr Elelwani Ramaite, Dr Maqubele and Onica Moloi.

Dr Cathrine Selepe, Director of Student Affairs

Dr Cathrine Selepe, the Director of Student Affairs when proposing a vote of thanks appreciated all the dignitaries and students for honouring the invitation.

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