Download Transversal RULES and PENALTIES during lockdown at UNIVEN (pdf)


1. No person is allowed to enter UNIVEN Campus during weekends, before 08:00 am and after 16:00 during weekdays, unless it is an emergency, as screeners will not be available.

2. All staff /contractors/ visitors on foot should enter and exit the campus through the main gate meant for on-foot people.

3. All students should enter and exit the campus through the students’ gate.

4. All people entering the campus will be required to be screened first or produce screening proof at the gate or else entry will be denied.

5. Staff and Students should minimize movements on Campus, including moving from one office to the other. Members of the University Community are encouraged to use telephone to communicate.

6. All staff/students/contractors/visitors should observe the entry and exit protocols at the gate.

7. All staff/students/contractors/visitors are expected to wear cloth face masks every time they are out in public around the campus. No person will enter through the gate without a mask.

8. Physical/social distancing of 1.5-2m must always be observed on Campus.

9. Students are allowed only a maximum of two students sharing at the residences if need be.

10. Anyone who is older than 60 years whose work involves mixing with a lot of people, should report from home to the line manager who will give further directions.

11. Anyone with underlying conditions where a monthly supply of treatments is taken should report from home to the line manager who will give further directions.

12. Employee Health and Wellness Practitioner will continuously monitor the well-being of people working from home by virtue of underlying conditions or age above 60 years.

13. Cleaning supervisors should strictly monitor cleaning services for compliance to guidelines.

14. Risk champions should compile and submit a list of identified COVID-19 risks and mitigating factors to the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Officer daily in the first week of return to work, then weekly.

15. OHS representatives must supply and enforce in their sections compliance to precautionary measures such as masks, hand sanitizers, closing dirty bins, paper hand towels and soap etc.

16. Line managers should submit daily to Human Resources (HR) a list of employees on duty before 10:00am. All employees working from home should also be reported to HR.

17. All staff/students/visitors/contractors will be expected to adhere to COVID-19 precautions of handwashing/sanitization, wearing of cloth face mask, and social distancing.

18. All staff/students/ contractors should immediately report the development of flu symptoms to their line managers who will give direction on what to be done.


1. No person refusing screening, referral for testing, or not wearing a mask will be allowed to enter the campus gate.

2. All UNIVEN staff/students/visitors/contractors are expressly encouraged to comply with the provisions of UNIVEN COVID-19 guidelines; and that failing/refusing to adhere to that may lead to disciplinary action and possibly dismissal after the employer has followed a fair procedure.

3. All UNIVEN staff/students/visitors/contractors must familiarise themselves with the content of these guidelines as well as all other policies and rules of the University, including the employer’s disciplinary code. Employees are advised that failure to do so, will not exonerate them from being disciplined on account of a claim of ignorance.

4. Should any part of these guidelines or any other policy be unclear, or should an employee have any queries relating to the guidelines or any other policy related to OHS in UNIVEN, such question or clarity must be obtained from the OHS representatives in their section.

5. The above excludes the legal and medical expenses of the employee concerned.

Hand washing Protocol

Figure 1: Hand washing steps and protocol
Respiratory and cough hygiene Cough or sneeze into a clean tissue, not into your hands. Dispose of the tissue immediately into the nearest waste bin. If you do not have a tissue, cough, or sneeze into your upper sleeve.
Always clean your hands after coughing or sneezing, either using soap and warm running water, alcohol hand rub or hand wipes.

Figure 2: Respiratory and cough hygiene (Community Infection Prevention and Control,
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust June
2019. © Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust).

Issued by UNIVEN Transversal Committee
28 May 2020

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