The Following Are Safety Tips You Need To Know

1. Do not give your student card to anybody. If stolen or lost, report it immediately and get a new one.
2. Do not open the turn’s stile for anybody.
3. Do not leave your property unattended and your door unlocked even for a brief second.
4. Do not carry around your valuables especially tablets and laptops when it’s dark.
5. Always walk in groups when it’s dark.
6. In case of an emergency of whatever kind on campus, inform the nearest security guard and strictly follow their advice if any is given.
7. Do not bring in bottles on campus. Someone may use them as weapons.
8. Do not leave your key unattended at the gate as criminals may use it to open your room.
9. Do not leave valuable items at exam room entrance as somebody may deliberately or mistakenly take them.
10. Thousands of laptops cell phones on campus attract criminals therefore you need to take precautionary measures, prevent becoming a victim of crime.
11. Store Control Room Contact Number in your phone

THOHOYANDOU SAPS: 015-960-1054
MAINGATE: 015-962-8120
CONTROL ROOM: 015-962-8193
CCTV CONTROL ROOM: 015-962-8603
FIRE BRIGATE: 015-962-4155

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