On Tuesday, 03 September 2019, the University of Venda Department of Protection Services together with the Thohoyandou South Africa Police Services and the University students CPF embarked on crime prevention awareness campaign to the University students at Cafeteria Lapa. 

UNIVEN Protection Services, Thohoyandou SAPS and UNIVEN Students CPF pose for a photo.

UNIVEN’s Acting Head of Protection Services, Mr Solomon Mathanya indicated that they find it vital as the Department to give and inform UNIVEN students about crime prevention. He said that the recent crime statistics prompted this kind of campaign as it shows the rapid increase of crime activities that are aimed at students. 

“It has come to our attention that most of our students are not aware of some of the safety tips that could be used in order to avoid being the victims of crime,” said Mathanya. He alluded that before students seek protection from the Protection Services, they need to be informed or well-equipped on how they should protect themselves against perpetrators. 

Mathanya urged students to refrain from walking alone at night. He advised them not to carry expensive assets such as laptops during the night and not to leave their windows open because such actions could attract criminals. 

Kagiso Matshili, a member of UNIVEN students CPF giving safety tips to students.

Below are some of the Safety Tips for students: 

– Do not give your student card to anybody, if stolen or lost, report it immediately; 

– Do not open the turn’s stile for anybody; 

– Do not leave your property unattended and your door unlocked even for a brief moment; 

– In case of an emergency of whatever kind on campus, inform the nearest security guard and strictly follow their advice if any is given; 

– Do not leave valuable items at exam room entrance as somebody might deliberately or mistakenly take them; 

– Tablets, laptops and cell phones attract criminals, therefore, you need to take precautionary measures. 

Students were also furnished with the emergency contact numbers that are as follows: 

Thohoyandou SAPS – 015 960 1054 

Main gate- 015 962 8120 

Control Room- 015 962 8193 

CCTV control Room – 015 962 8603 

New Administration- 015 962 8820 

Fire Brigade- 015 962 4155 

UNIVEN students CPF contacts details: 

Chairperson Mashimbye Oanky 079 8577 656 

Supervisor Alfred Matloa 078 7109 052 

Issued by: 

Department of Communications & Marketing 

University of Venda 

Tel: (015) 962 8525 

Date: 05 September 2019 

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