The purpose of the research fellowship is to contribute and assist in accelerating the building of research capacity and scientific leadership in previously disadvantaged institutions. This will be done by creating opportunities to host and retain the postdoctoral scientists that have demonstrated the potential to become established researchers. RCDI-funded Principal Investigators are eligible to participate in the expression of interest to host postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. It is expected that the project for which the research fellow will be engaged will have funding for the period of the fellowship tenure.

Value and Duration of the Award

The value of the fellowship is R350 000.00 per financial year. The RCDI- Research Fellow will be appointed for three years subject to satisfactory performance and the availability of funds. Funding for each financial year will be subject to receipt of satisfactory progress reports. The funds will be released once the agreement for the funding has been signed between SAMRC, host institution (HDI), the Principal Investigator (PI) and the beneficiary.

Eligibility of the Principal Investigator to host a Research Fellow

  • Evidence of an approved research proposal with ethical approval, if applicable
  • Evidence for a proven research supervision and mentorship record
  • Evidence of available support structures and infrastructure to host a postdoctoral researcher
  • Evidence of funding available to top up the salary of the fellow to the benchmark required for the post if applicable
  • Clear plan for academic development for the nominee (mentorship plan).
  • Proof of fair nomination (advertising the post at institutional website for at least five days.

Eligibility for nomination

  • The candidates must be South African citizens or permanent residents, younger than 40 years (nominees over 40 years need a strong motivation and PhD <3 years).
  • Candidates will have to be within five years of graduating with their PhD health/medical-related research doctorate (Graduation before December 2015 will need a strong motivation).
  • Women and disabled individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Preference will be given to candidates from the historically disadvantaged group
  • Full-time employees may not hold a RCDI-Postdoctoral Fellowship

The South African Medical Research Council reserves the right to disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications, amend the conditions of award where advisable, extend the closing date or to make no awards at all.

Please submit your nomination at ( before or on 21 May 2021.   

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