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The School of Law held a successful research, writing and mentorship retreat at Magoebaskloof hotel in Tzaneen from 24 to 26 April 2019. The retreat, which was attended by about 25 academics drawn from all the six departments in the School, was facilitated by three external experts from Rhodes University, Fort Hare and North West University. The focus areas of the retreat were supervision generally, single and co-supervision, supervision styles and mentorship, choosing journals and editorial considerations. The highly interactive retreat was generously funded by the Directorate of Research and Innovation. Participants at the retreat were divided into mentorship groups and a number of draft papers and abstracts were shared and more than 20 papers are expected to be published through the mentorship programme.

The external facilitators who graced the retreat were Prof Iya from North West University, Prof Juma from Rhodes University and Prof Van Coller from the University of Fort Hare. The chairpersons for the sessions on the second and third day were Dr Lubaale and Mrs Mokoena from the departments of Jurisprudence and Public Law respectively. The rapporteur for the second day was advocate Joubert, the HOD for the Department of Jurisprudence while rapporteurs in the breakaway sessions were Mr Raphulu, Mr Musekene, Ms Letuka and Mrs Mokoena.


The first day was dedicated to planning around the future in the context of the School having obtained full accreditation for the LLB programme. It was therefore resolved that the new focus should now be strengthening the postgraduate programme by introducing another LLM in Mercantile Law and a PhD/LLD in law. The second day was dedicated to research supervision and mentorship in supervision with specific reference to LLB supervision, masters and doctoral supervision. Roles and responsibilities were discussed as well as the institutional landscape obtaining at UNIVEN. All the three facilitators played very important roles in the supervision slot. Colleagues from the Directorate of Research and Innovation addressed members of the School on important issues. The last day was dedicated to research writing for publication and this happened in breakaway group sessions where ideas for papers, abstracts, draft papers and full papers were discussed. Mentors were also allocated to mentees as will be shown later in this report.


The pictures below, accompanied by explanatory captions, aptly summarise what transpired at the retreat.

Some of the Retreat participants posing for a group photo with facilitators

Retreat participants showing their appreciation

Day two was preceded by expository presentations before robust interactions

Plenary Proceedings on day two

Some of the attendees paying attention on day three

One of the facilitators, Prof van Coller, on challenges of co-supervision


The retreat was a success and the School managed to compile a list of draft and complete papers together with target journals in some instances. The list of mentors and mentees as well as the papers they are currently working on appears immediately below. The dean and vice-dean will aggressively follow up on the progress of the planned papers and update the School every three months.

List of Mentors and Mentees and their envisaged research outputs

Criminal & Procedural Law














Prof Jegede


n/a The role of human rights in implementing CDR geoengineering options in South Africa


Abstract in response to a call by Climate Law Journal for a conference in China in 2020 Climate Law Journal


Adv Malange &

Mr Rangoato


Prof vd Walt The Decision to Charge and to Prosecute in Light of The Constitution: A South African Perspective Draft paper SA Journal of Criminal Justice or

SA Crime Quarterly

Prof Jegede &

Prof vd Walt


Prof Jegede Constructing the law of criminal negligence as a climate change intervention in South Africa.


Concept note Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (PELJ)
Prof vd Walt &

Ms Milne


n/a Section 60(11) vs Section 342A of the Criminal Procedure Act: A critical analysis of the unreported Eastern Cape High Court review decision (Review No 170002).


Draft Paper Speculum Juris
Ms Mawila


Prof Jegede &

Prof van der Walt

Detention of illegal immigrants – fair trial rights Concept  
Mr Lubisi


Prof Jegede


Prof Iya

Civil Liability for Injuries and Fatalities Occurring in South African Initiation Schools: A Medical Jurisprudence Perspective


Draft abstract Proposed Journal: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems

Mercantile and Private Law

Author Mentor Title Status Journal
Prof Ndlovu & Ms. Madima Prof Ndlovu Exploring the prospects of integrating intellectual property across the LLB curriculum at the University of Venda, South Africa Draft paper Journal of Legal Education
Ndlovu, Oira, Iyer, Sihanya Prof Ndlovu Broadcast Copyright Protection in Kenya and South Africa: A Comparative Analysis Draft paper P.E.R (IBSS)
Ms Letuka & Prof Jegede Prof Jegede International human rights law and the access of children of asylum seekers to social assistance in SA Draft paper No  Journal yet
Adv. Joubert & Dr Mothibi Dr Mothibi Ignorantia juris non excusat: Police without Defence Draft paper Acta Criminologica
Ms Mkhabele & Ms Simbo Prof Ndlovu & Anyone interested in legal education A legal analysis of outcomes based education abstract SA Journal of Education
Mr Maloka Mr Maloka Evolving jurisprudence on termination of employment arising from judicial declaration of invalidity of appointment Abstract SA Public Law/

Stellenbosch Law Review

Mr Maloka & Ms Letuka Mr Maloka Excessive Pricing in the context of the Sasol Decision Abstract Speculum Juris


Mr Maloka Stalin Grad maneuvers, the derailing of the administration of justice and disciplinary process: new dimensions and questions on the outlook of contemporary South African Litigation Culture abstract No Journal  yet
Adv. Shibambu Mr. Maloka A Legal analysis of Illegal Mining Ventures in SA: Socio Economic Rights Perspectives Draft paper No journal
Adv. Shibambu Prof Ndlovu The interface between traditional indigenous inventorship and access to information in south African Rural communities Abstract Intellectual Property Law Journal


Criminal Justice














Ms Madima, Mr Tshidada, Dr Mothibi, Mr Musekene Mr Sithuga Dr Mothibi Adverse effects affecting patients’ safety in selected public hospital in Polokwane Local Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa Draft paper ready for submission Acta Criminologica/ Journal of Social Sciences
Mr Musekene & Dr Mothibi Dr Mothibi Implementation and coordination of Social crime prevention: A challenge for Municipalities in South Africa Draft paper Acta Criminologica
Madima K and Mothibi Dr Mothibi  Effectiveness of Public Order Policing (POP) strategies in curbing common acts of violence during service delivery protests Under review Acta Criminologica
Sithuga, Mothibi  and   Van der Walt Dr Mothibi Community perspective on public Vigilantism: A case of Thulamela and Musina within Vhembe District in the Limpopo Province. abstract Criminology and Criminal Justice Journal
 Tshidada  and Magadze Dr Mothibi Ex offenders’ perceptions towards their sexual Victimization during incarceration: A case study of Sinthumule area under Makhado Local Municipality, Limpopo Province Draft paper Acta Criminologica/ International Journal of Social Science


Madima and Sithuga Dr Mothibi Policing   of  unrests : A challenge for Public order policing Unit in Limpopo Draft paper Criminology and Criminal Justice Journal


Sithuga, Madima, Musekene, Tshidada and Mothibi Dr Mothibi Safety and security measures at the University of Venda, Limpopo Province Abstract Criminology and Criminal Justice Journal

Jurisprudence & Public Law














Ms Mopai   To transfer or not to transfer the bride: The role of living customary law in the validation of customary marriages Draft paper
Ms Mokoena Case note on Earthlife Africa Johannesburg and Another v Minister of Energy and Others 2017 (5) SA 227 (WCC), Concept paper (idea)
Mr Mhuru   Consolidating Democracy in Zimbabwe’ Concept paper (idea)
Dr Lubaale   Assessing the human rights implications of calls for regulations of religion, belief and thought Abstract
Ms Lansink   Legal and normative pluralism in South Africa and Ecuador’ Draft paper  
Adv. Raphulu Revisiting the law of sale rule on the passing of risk Concept paper (idea)



Three main research events are planned for the future, namely further mentorship in supervision, with a specific bias towards the institutional policy landscape and requirements for supervision and co-supervision; writing grant proposals and hosting a writers’ retreat for those participants who will see through their research plans as recorded under ‘tangible outcomes’ above. The first workshop is scheduled for the second week of August 2019.

Prof L. Ndlovu

Dean:  School of Law



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