The French South African Agricultural Institute (F’SAGRI), created in 2013, provides for capacity building of three (3) South African universities (Universities of Limpopo, Venda and Fort Hare) and research institutes in the agricultural and food sectors. It also provides for the development of innovative companies and more generally a close link with companies in the agricultural and agri-food sector. In celebration of its 10th anniversary F’SAGRI developed a documentary to display the values of the institute through examples of activities organised by F’SAGRI, one such example is the flagship programme, innovation challenge. The challenge prize is intended for young students and researchers from all the universities of technology in South Africa, or start-up companies on the condition that the laureates startups then engage in a partnership with F’SAGRI universities by taking interns, proposing study cases and participating in workshops. UNIVEN has benefited tremendously from F’SAGRI, staff and students have received funding, scholarships, bursaries and international travel support. We are certain that the next 10 years will yield even more success for UNIVEN and F’SAGRI. As the university we reaffirm our commitment to this partnership and pledge our support for the next 10 years and beyond.

Please enjoy the full documentary here AGRI-CULTURES French South African Agricultural Institute (


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