On Tuesday 01 August 2017, University of Venda (UNIVEN) in association with Vhembe District Department of Education and Warwick University held orientation for Team Teachers Programme at the Art Gallery. The orientation was also attended by the students from University of Botswana.

We are delighted to have Warwick University students here- Dr Mamotena Mpeta

The Head of Professional Studies in the School of Education, Dr Mamotena Mpeta, said that Warwick University students have already made an impact in the local schools. “They have acclimatised very well. We really appreciate having them. They are really helping learners,” she added.

Mr Tshiphiri Luvhimbi said that the programme will ease their challenges because there is lack of teachers.

Vhembe curriculum co-ordinator Mr Tshiphiri Luvhimbi said “Vhembe district is one of the best performing districts in the country. We have students who do not have English, Maths and Science teachers. This programme will ease our challenges because of lack of teachers.”

He further said that universities are not producing enough teachers for maths and science subjects. “Although we are the best in those subjects, we need more teachers. We have a vision of 90% pass rate across all the grades,” he added. “We are targeting to produce top students in the country because we strive for excellence.”

He also said that the programme should enhance and maintain student pass rate. “We hope you will enjoy your teaching experience. We should continue with this relationship,” he added.

You should have respect for elders- Dr Elelwani Ramaite

Dr Elelwani Ramaite advised the teachers that they will be expected to have a code of respect to the elders. “You have to add prefix Vho- to the name of an adult person to show respect. You also have to respect the royalty people. You should know how to communicate when you go to these villages,” she added.

Dr Segun Obadire advised the Warwick University students to consult him if they encounter problems.

The Chief Administrative Officer in the Directorate of International Relations, Dr Segun Obadire, welcomed the students. He told the teachers to consult his office if they experience difficulties so that they could be assisted. “We increase international research collaboration. We expose students and staff to global development trends,” he said.

He further encouraged teachers to participate in building social integration activities. “Take advantage of international scholarships that are available,” he added.

We have grasped more information about the education structure in South Africa- Carli Rowell.

A Sociology student from Warwick University, Carli Rowell, said that they have learnt so much including culture and structure of education in the country. “We thank the University for a warm welcome. We are looking forward to make many friends and enjoy our teaching experience,” she concluded.

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Date: 08 August 2017

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