L-R: Mrs Grace Cibi, Dr Takalani Dzaga and Mr Mulalo Masisi

On Thursday, 28 July 2022, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication held a farewell function for the Website Content Officer, Mr Mulalo Masisi. This farewell function was held at the Vice-Chancellor’s Dining Hall.

Alumni Relations Officer – Mashudu Ramaleba

Alumni Relations Officer, Mr Mashudu Ramaleba said Mr Masisi is leaving a very big gap in the Marketing, Branding and Communication Department. He further mentioned that Mr Masisi is also an alumnus of this University, therefore, the University will keep in touch.

Media and Publications Officer – Mrs Welheminah Mabogo

The Media and Publications Officer, Mrs Welheminah Mabogo spoke on behalf of her colleagues where she mentioned that it is not easy to say goodbye to someone that we have worked with for a long time. Mrs Mabogo continued to mention the way she was privileged to work with Mr Masisi who is a hardworking, humble, and kind-hearted individual. She expressed her most heartfelt messages and concluded by wishing him the best of luck and advised him to use the same skills and enthusiasm that he has showed while working for UNIVEN, to excel in his new role.

Director Marketing, Branding and Communication – Dr Takalani Dzaga

Director Marketing, Branding and Communication, Dr Takalani Dzaga mentioned how till that day he has not been able to convince himself that Mr Mulalo Masisi was leaving UNIVEN. Dr Takalani Dzaga said the presence of ICT staff members during this farewell function was a clear indication that we are all working towards a common goal. He prefaced his farewell message by sharing how the position of Website Content was established, including when Mr Masisi was appointed to the position. Dr Dzaga appreciated the role that Mr Masisi played in the development of the University website since his appointment, to the current state of the website. He appreciated the role that Mr Masisi played as a Website Content Officer and for being dedicated to his work and available even beyond normal working hours and weekends. He said Mr Masisi has made a lot of impact in the Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication and that he is leaving the Website much better than it was when he joined the University. Dr Dzaga’s talk was based on Mr Masisi’s achievements and personality. He explained Mr Masisi as someone who is humble and committed. He wished him great success in his new role.

Former Website Content Officer – Mr Mulalo Masisi

In his response, Mr Mulalo Masisi explained the farewell function as a bittersweet moment where he indicated how he has been married to the institution and every individual he has worked with over the years. He mentioned that it has been pure bliss and a pleasure working with everyone. Mr Masisi made mention of every individual that was present as to how he hopes he made an impact in their lives. He thanked interns that he got the opportunity to mentor and encouraged them to carry on improving their qualifications.

Schools Liaison Officer – Takalani Nyelisani

In his vote of thanks, Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Takalani Nyelisani said Mr Masisi has contributed a lot in the department throughout the years that he spent working at UNIVEN. “You have solidified our interactions as colleagues. Mr Masisi was a good colleague. However, there is time for everything and now it is time for him to leave.” Mr Nyelisani mentioned that both MBC and ICT Departments have contributed to Mr Masisi’s development to be a better skilled person than he was when he joined the University. “You are going to represent us even where you are going, represent the University well where you are going because you are carrying the university’s brand with you everywhere you go.”

 Assistant Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Justice Lebopa (pictured) directed the programme

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Date: 10 August 2022

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