The University of Venda Schools Liaison Office joined hands with Malamulele East Circuit as part of “Apply before the closing date” campaign. Two separate sessions were held targeting school principals and grade 12 learners respectively focusing on the importance of applying to the University of Venda before the closing date. The event took place at Jilongo High School at Malamulele on Wednesday, 26 September 2018 

Photo above: The University of Venda Assistant Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Justice Lebopa conducting the workshop with principals from 11 secondary schools from Malamulele East Circuit. 

The Assistant Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Justice Lebopa, held the first meeting with principals from 11 secondary schools falling under Malamulele East Circuit. “The main reason to host this meeting is to promote good relationship between Univen and school principals under this circuit, especially when it comes to encouraging grade 12 learners to consider enrolling for the programmes of their choice with the University of Venda in order to achieve their future goals”. 2 

“Principals play a very important role in advocating learners to consider our University in their applications. It is unfortunate that many of our learners do not take advantage of our own local institutions when they apply, but when things do not go their way, they want to consider us as the last resort, and unfortunately by that time, they are late to get admitted at these institutions”, says, Univen Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Takalani Nyelisani. “We will continue to build good relationship with our principals and educators to remind our learners of the great opportunities provided by our University in the course of their future dreams”, continued Nyelisani. 

“It is important to have a good relationship with our local schools as this will help our learners to apply for admission while there is still enough time,” said Univen Assistant Schools Liaison Officer, Mr Justice Lebopa when addressing school principals in the presence of Malamulele East Circuit Manager, Mr Moses Ndouvhada, who chaired the session and appreciated the efforts being done by Univen in this regard. 

“We use this opportunity to provide information about available bursaries that learners can apply for and that they shouldn’t be discouraged to apply to the universities because of their family background. It is important for us to participate in the Apply before the closing date campaigns for the purpose of sharing information with learners because some of the learners at schools visited, indicated that they didn’t apply to the university because they can’t afford tertiary education, some of them didn’t even have an idea about NSFAS”, added Mr Lebopa. The Schools Liaison Office managed to visit 81 schools as part of “Apply before the closing date” campaign this year. 

After addressing the principals, Mr Lebopa held a career guidance session with grade 12 learners from Malamulele circuit to encourage them to apply before the closing date of 28 September 2018 at Univen. 3 

Photo above: Some of the grade 12 learners from Jilongo High School at Malamulele East Circuit who attended the “apply before closing date campaign” on Wednesday, 26 September 2018”. 

Mr Lebopa warned learners that “it would not be acceptable if you know that your family can’t afford higher education fees, but you did not apply for any bursary including NSFAS”. Mr Lebopa further encouraged grade 12 learners to apply to the University of Venda if the programme they want to enroll for is available. 4 

Group photo: Front row from Right is Univen Assistant Schools Liaison Officer Mr Justice Lebopa followed by Malamulele East Circuit Manager Mr Moses Ndouvhada and school principals and circuit administration officers. 

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Date: 04 September 2018 

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