On Friday, 05 February 2021, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) held a University Prayer Service to pray for the 2020 academic year examinations scheduled to take place from Monday, 08 February to Wednesday, 17 March 2021. Owing to COVID-19 challenges, the University would conclude 2020 academic year at the end of February 2021. Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the prayer service
took place on UNIVEN FM from 10h00 to 11h00.

University Registrar, Advocate Edward Lambani

In his Message, the University Registrar, Advocate Edward Lambani said that UNIVEN management is extremely encouraged by the commitment demonstrated by both staff and students in embracing technology as a mode of teaching and learning. He continued to say that this pandemic impacted our ways of operation tremendously. “However, COVID-19 enabled staff and
students to advance to new ways of learning, ways that when thoroughly considered, provided more effective ways of learning than was thought”.

Advocate Lambani told students that examinations are not a punishment to be endured, but a joyous thing to celebrate all the periods of learning. He further reminded them to always follow the rules and regulations that have been put in place by government and the University to minimize the spread of COVID-19. He wished students best of luck during the upcoming examination.
When delivering the sermon, Apostle Dr Maxwell Masakona of Calvary Christian Church advised students to work hard and smart. “Your work must be well organised. Always strive for a pass, not just a pass but with good marks.”

His sermon was on 2 Corinthians Chapter 4 verse 8 and 9 and his sermon was about ‘Passing all my modules against all odds.’

In his sermon, Apostle Dr Masakona continued to advise students to prepare for the upcoming examinations because unpreparedness leads to confusion. “It leads to loss of focus. Prepare yourself, chose group work and learn from others.

Apostle Dr Maxwell Masakona

Be ready to learn from others because this will help you to remember some of the things that someone explained to you.” Apostle Dr Masakona said he is holding a PhD because he has also learned from others. “Teamwork strengthens your weaknesses.”

“May God give you the grace and the strength to pass this upcoming examination,” concluded Apostle Dr Masakona.

In his words of encouragement, UNIVEN SRC Minister of Housing, Mr Musa Mokgobi said that staff and students are tasked with a very difficult assignment, which is to save lives and the academic year 2020. He said that this assignment is not easy, it requires strong soldiers with determination. Mr Mokgobi also encouraged the University community to help each other where necessary.

UNIVEN SRC Minister of Housing, Mr Musa Mokgobi

He said, as UNIVEN SRC, they are working very hard to respond to these academic challenges caused by the global pandemic called COVID-19. “We are supporting students because our new normal is that everything regarding teaching and learning should be done online, hence the UNIVEN SRC has donated over one million rand for students without funding. This is to buy data that will assist them to be able to do their work.”

He indicated that most students are now studying from home and this is the reason why they were working hard in making sure that all students are covered in terms of gadgets and data. He thanked De Beers Group for donating laptops for postgraduate students and further thanked people who are assisting students without funding with food parcels.

“As UNIVEN SRC, we encourage all students to remain focused and pay attention to details.” Mr Mokgobi is a UNIVEN Bachelor of Education final year Student.

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Date: 08 February 2021

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