The University of Venda (Univen) held Men’s Health Day workshop to educate men about the risks that they take for granted and that could be avoided. The event was held at Univen’s Art Gallery on 27 July 2017.

A group of men who benefitted during Men’s Health Day workshop posing for a photo.

“If you think you have a good wife, consider yourself as being blessed and give that woman an assurance of loving her with the love that she has never received from any man because nowadays it is difficult to find a good caring wife,” said Advocate Vhutshilo Nange. He further advised men that, a good wife deserves to be protected with a will because things might go wrong if it happens that you die now. Advocate Nange indicated that a will becomes effective when you are dead to fulfil your wishes because the way things are in your household will change dramatically when you die. “Let us all do the right thing while we are still alive, gentlemen” he added.

Advocate Vhutshilo Nange speaking during Men’s Health Day event.

He explained all types of Wills and urged all the attendees to avoid keeping secrets from their spouses when they draft Wills because at the end their spouses will find out. He further highlighted how cohabiting for a long time can result in their long-life partners having shares on their assets when they pass on, regardless of whether they are married or not.

The target audience of this workshop were male employees and students of the university, male employees from external organisations such as the Department of Justice, Department of Health, the South African Council on Alcoholism and the campus clinic.

Dr Khathutshelo Hadzhi from the Campus Health Clinic advised the audience about health challenges that men are facing. He emphasised on the diets that can be harmful for men as he was also illustrating with photographs. “The University has organised this initiative because it aims at keeping men in existence”, said Dr Hadzhi. He further said that the statistics shows that the rate of obesity is increasing rapidly in South Africa, he told the audience that obesity is not a sign of wealth. “Obesity is not a sign that you are rich or healthy, it could be as a result of illness that you might not be aware of”, he said. Dr Hadzhi has highlighted that men are more obese these days as compared to women. He urged the audience to eat proper and healthy food. “Eat only when you are hungry and drink more water than other drinks.

“Prevention is always better than cure, substance abuse is one thing that leads student drop out, engaging in violence and if we are not responsible, we will experience challenges going forward,” he concluded.

our productivity is going to improve at home as from today – Mr Takalani Thabo.

Mr Takalani Thabo from the Department of Communications and Marketing who also attended and facilitated the workshop alluded the workshop as being productive. “The event went well, as male staff members, we needed something like this and our productivity is going to improve at home as from today,” concluded Mr Thabo.

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Date: 04 August 2017

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