The Association of International Education Administrators (AEIA) Conference 2020 was held from 16-19 February 2020 at the Marriott Hotel at Woodley, Washington DC. The Conference brought together close to 1000 participants comprising Senior International Officers (SIOs) and Administrators from all over the world. The theme of the conference was: Rethinking Comprehensive Internationalisation for a Global Generation. 

There were presidential dialogues on International Education presented by President Makola Abdullah, Virginia State University, President Brenda Allen, Lincoln University and President David Wilson, Morgan State University. There were many other overarching topics such as Diversity and Inclusion in a Global Context; Purposeful Global Engagement; Building partnership and Developing agreements with foreign institutions; and many others. The conference was attended by Dr Segun Obadire, Acting Director International Relations through a partial sponsorship of the US Embassy in South Africa. Participants at the AIEA shared success stories and best practices about the disciplines that are best suited for partnership; the models that work best, and how they are initiated and sustained. 

Some participants at the Conference

They also identified obstacles to partnership and how it could be addressed constructively, and what will be needed to work around it. It also generated ideas for future action and further resources needed; and the reasonable goals. It identified members from each of the interested parties to form a working group for more detailed discussion. Many possible partners were met at the conference including Prof Jose Jackson-Malete, Michigan State University; Mark Carr, US Department of State; Prof Heike Michelsen, Cornel University and Dr Coleman Jordan, Morgan State University and many others. 

Cross-section of participants at AIEA conference

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