The University of Venda (UNIVEN) staff had a privilege to be well – informed and educated on how to save money and manage conflicts at workplace. The Personal Financial Management and Conflict Management workshop took place at the University Library Hall on Monday, 30 September 2019. 

Old Mutual Financial Advisor, Vhahangwele Nevhuramba 

Old Mutual Financial Advisor, Vhahangwele Nevhuramba gave UNIVEN staff members savings tips as the big five secrets of money management that UNIVEN employees can work on to be financially safe. He said that one of the tips is to save first and spend later. “Spending for the present wants without saving first for future needs, is like eating your dessert before your food. If you do that too much, your financial health will suffer. At least save 10% of your net salary for emergencies” 

However, Nevhuramba also informed UNIVEN staff that they should budget on how they are going to spend their salary. “if you don’t budget, you will spend recklessly”. UNIVEN staff members were guided that they must use the four pillars of an employee’s saving tips as having vision, goal, plan and then budget. 

Another tip was the use of debt. He outlines on the bad and good debt. In good debt he mentioned the debt repayment of assets that increase in value such as home, debt used for education and that generates income. 

Careways Facilitator, Ntsundeni Mulaudzi 

Careways Facilitator, Ntsundeni Mulaudzi explained to UNIVEN staff members the importance of Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence. She gave the details on what conflict is and how conflict can occur in a work place. “it is important to work as a team to produce fruitful results and take responsibility for relationship with other people, especially in the workplace.” 

She said that, in order to maintain a healthy relation with peers, employees need to negotiate and work on resolving disagreements, fairness and collaboration, boosting cooperation and lastly calmness. 

“In Conflict Management, as an employee you need to examine yourself. Have a private conversation with the person whom you are at conflict with. Explore your experiences with trusted friends or colleagues. Involve others, such as your supervisor and manager. If all fail, try to limit the difficult person access to you,” said Mulaudzi. 

Nkhangweleni Mudau, UNIVEN Employee Health & Wellness Officer, commended the speakers for the information they shared with UNIVEN staff. When addressing the attendees, she emphasised that it is vital to evaluate their spending so that they could save for the future. She appreciated all staff who attended the workshop. 

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Date: 06 October 2019 

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