• IEB Arrives in Univen: Virtual meeting with Student Affairs 14h30
• Publication of election timetable.

• Meeting with Student Formations at 12h00
• Nomination process opens at 14h00
• All nomination forms are uploaded and available for download on the university website.
• All nomination forms are to be submitted electronically on srcelections2022@gmail.com

• Nominations closes at 18h00
• All candidates list submitted electronically on email except the list of the DSC Council which shall be submitted by their coordinator by hand at the offices of IEB

04/10/2022 08h00-16h00
• Publication of Provisional voters roll
• Publication of provisional list of candidates
• Objections and appeals to candidates List.

05/10/2022 07/10/2022
• Objections closes at 10h00
• Screening of Candidates.
• Campaigning continues.
• Publication of results of screening at 18h00

10/10/2022 – 12/10/2022 08h00-18h00
• Objections to the screening results and closes at 16h30
• Signing of code of conduct
• Certification of the final voters’ roll
• Campaigning continues
• Publication of Final List of Candidates

13/10/2022 VOTING DAY
• Voting opens at 8h00 until 18h00
• Provisional Results announcement at 22h00

• Objections to the Outcome 08h00 to 12h00
• Announcement and publication of the Final Results at 13h00

Constitution of the SRC and election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker @16h00

Submission of SRC Elections Results Report


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