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How to Apply

Ready to apply to the University of Venda, and join one of the best universities? Select the appropriate online application in this section and learn about the steps you’ll take to complete the application process. You’ll also find instructions about submitting academic records and any other required documents, as well as information about tracking the status of your application after you’ve applied.


The following information is crucial for the successful completion of an online application process

• Only South African undergraduate applicants are to apply on online application wizard
• To apply online, you should be having a South African Identify number, Cell phone number, email address, and credit / debit card with cv number to pay R100 application fee online.
• During online application process, you may save and return at a later stage to resume the application process.
• Applicant will be required to create a pin consisting of 5 digits
• Scan and upload a copy of I.D. document or passport, Grade 11 report or statement of grade 12 results or copy of Matric Certificate
• Complete your application by pressing ‘submit ‘button
• You will then get a student number


Phone: +27 15 962 8959
Phone: +27 15 962 8953
Phone: +27 15 962 8974

Phone: +2715 962 8882 / +2715 962 8954

International Students
Phone: +27 15 962 9347 / +27 15 962 9348


Step 1: Amount to be paid: R100-00

Step 2: Click on the option which says “pay by credit card” for payment by credit or debit card.

Step 3: Enter the following credit/debit card details

  • Card Number
  • Card Holder Name
  • Expiry date: Months and Year
  • CVV Numbers: the last three digits at the back of the card

Step 4: Click on PAY NOW

Step 5: You will get a screen which says, “Authentication is required for the purchase”.  From this screen there will be a message saying:

  • To proceed with your purchase, please submit the One Time Password (OTP) that has been sent to your cellphone.
  • Enter the One Time Password (OTP) on the space provided and click NEXT

Step 6:  You will get a screen with the following message:  Successful E Payment, press exit. You will immediately receive a payment receipt notification from the Univen support via email address you provided stated as follows “Thank you we have received your application fee″. You can return to the Online application web page and continue your application”.

Other important Notes:

Online payment will accept payment for prospective students who will pay using credit and or debit card with CVV number at the back of the card. Any card without CVV will not be accepted.



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Study at Univen

How to Apply

Univen has two different methods of applying, you can either use the traditional method or apply online. NB: University of Venda no longer accepts hand delivered, posted/mailed applications for admissions. We shall only accept applications submitted electronically.

Start Online Application Resume Online Application Forgot MyAccess Student Number and Pin Student Application Forms

For more information contact: Visit contact us page

Important Information for new applicants
Application for admission must be made on the prescribed form, which must be accompanied by the following:

  • a testimonial of good conduct;
  • a Matriculation certificate or, if not yet available, some form of proof that the prospective student complies with the necessary requirements for the degree for which s/he desire to register for or a statement of last school symbol achieved;
  • one passport photograph (one for admission)
  • application fees – no-refundable Postal Order;
  • Copy of pages 1 of Identity Document.

No person shall be admitted as a candidate for a degree unless he has obtained the Matriculation certificate of the Committee of University Principals (SAUVCA) or a certificate of exemption from the Matriculation examination. It may be required of a prospective student to pass an ENTRANCE TEST before being granted permission to register. Alternatively, it may be required of a student to take SPECIAL MODULES in certain disciplines.

Appropriate prior learning in a specified area of study shall also be recognised. The criteria to assess prior learning shall be determined by Senate.

Unless the Senate grants special permission, modules taken outside a prescribed curriculum, i.e “extra-curricula” modules, shall be subject to the same admission requirements as modules taken within the prescribed curriculum for a degree or diploma.

Registration of Students (Chapter 10, Section 86, Statute of University of Venda )

A student must report for registration on the dates and during the times specified.

Each candidate for registration must complete and sign the prescribed registration form and submit it to the Dean of the School concerned for approval, giving details of the module(s) he intends to follow.

The full fees for the semester are payable in advance and not later than the date specified.

Only registered students may attend lectures.

A person registering as a student must complete and sign the official registration form, thus binding himself to observe the rules of the University. A person shall only be admitted to a module for a degree or diploma if his/her curriculum has been approved by the Dean of the School concerned. An approved curriculum may subsequently be amended within a specified period, provided that the amended curriculum conforms to the rules in force at the time of the amendment.

A student must ensure that the composition of the chosen curriculum complies with the general rules for the various Schools.

Part-time students shall not take more than three modules per semester whilst full-time student cannot exceed 6 (six) per semester.

Apply for campus residence, you will now receive correspondence from Housing and Residence Affairs.

Application for Admission

Application for admission to a University residence must be made on the prescribed form to reach the University in September of the year which precedes the year in which he/she intends to register.

University Residences

Residence Application Forms:

Visit Housing and Accommodation web page

Contact Tel +2715962 8421 / 8665
Email: or

Step 1: Choose Career, Download Prospectus and calculate points (Univen Prospectus)

Click here to download Univen Prospectus

For any enquiries and assistance with points calculation contact, student recruitment and career exhibitions
Mr Takalani Nyelisani
Phone: +27 15 962 8339


Mr Justice Lebopa
Phone: +27 15 962 9139

Study Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries

Step 2: Academic Application Process

  • Only South African undergraduate applicants are to apply on online application wizard, click here to begin with the online application on MyAccess platform
  • All post graduate and International (Non South African) applicants are to submit scanned application form with supporting documents to one of the following emails: and
  • To apply online, you should be having a South African Identify number, Cell phone number and an email address
  • During online application process, you may save and return at a later stage to complete the application.
  • A copy of I.D. document/passport, Grade 11 report and proof of payment (i.e. all documents in PDF format) must be scanned.
  • Applicant will be required to create a pin
  • Complete your application and upload the required documents.
  • You will then get a student number
  • After successful submission and completion of your online application, you can log into My access page to access / view your application details.

Application Fee Details

A non-refundable application fee of R100 must be paid when applying to UNIVEN. Paying an application fee does not mean that your application was successful.

Payment methods which you can use:

  • Online Credit/Debit card payment by clicking on the online payment option during the application process – payment will clear immediately

Other important Notes:

  • Prospective students who will pay using credit and or debit card with CVV number at the back of the card will be able to immediately continue with online application once they receive a confirmation of payment via email address registered from
  • Maestro and VISA cheque/ platinum card etc. will be accepted provided it has CVV number at the back.
  • Any card without CVV will not be accepted e.g. Savings card, Diners club card, American express will not be considered.


Housing and Accommodation

Step 3: Check Application Status

NB: This process is done for applicants who want to be admitted

  • Enter your ID number
  • Applicant’s details will appear
  • Qualifications that you applied for will appear with statuses showing whether you qualify or not qualify for admission
  • On the right side of qualifications that you are qualifying for admission “REQUEST OFFER” button to click
  • You will only be given one chance to choose one qualification
  • Make sure that you click on the qualification that you want to be admitted to

Result Codes:

i) ID not found – Not application found or application not captured
ii) Request for admission – Student must request for admission
iii) Requested for admission – Student has not been allocated space
iv) Admitted – Student has been allocated space and must continue to register online

Click here to Check Your Application Status


Step 4: Online Registration

Step 5: Student Card and Class Timetable

Visit ICT2 Computer Lab to collect your student card

Click here to download your class timetable


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