Qualifications: PhD (University of Witwatersrand), MSc (University of Witwatersrand) (Distinction), BSc (Hons) (University of Fort Hare) (Distinction), BSc (University of Zimbabwe)
Email address: nikita.tavengwa@univen.ac.za
Telephone number: +27 15 962 8279
Office number: SF009, Life Sciences and Chemistry Building

Research interests:

NRF rated researcher, interested in trace analysis of emerging organic pollutants using novel modern analytical techniques. Analytical method development. Chromatographic analysis (HPLC-(UV/MS), GC-(ECD/FID/MS).

List of selected publications:

[1] Herbert Musarurwa, Luke Chimuka, Nikita Tawanda Tavengwa, (2019) Green pre-concentration techniques during pesticide analysis in food samples, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part B, 54 (9), 770-780

[2] Somandla Ncube, Nikita Tavengwa, Akhona Soqaka, Ewa Cukrowska, (2018) Development of a single format membrane assisted solvent extraction-molecularly imprinted polymer technique for extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in wastewater followed by gas chromatography mass spectrometry determination, J. Chromatogr. A, 1569, 36–43

[3] Lawrence Mzukisi Madikizela, Nikita Tavengwa, Luke Chimuka, (2017) Applications of molecularly imprinted polymers for solid-phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics from environmental waters and biological samples, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 147 (2018) 624–633

[4] Tavengwa, N.T., Cukrowska, E.M. and Chimuka, L. (2017) Application of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers in selective extraction of 2,4-DNT explosive from aqueous solutions, Separation Science and Technology, 52(3), 467-475

[5] Nikita Tavengwa Tavengwa, Pardon Nyamukamba and Luke Chimuka, (2016) Miniaturized pipette tip–based electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers for micro–solid–phase extraction of nitro based explosive compounds, Journal of Separation Science, 39 (24), 4819-4827

Full list of publications:




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