Full name: Seani Adrinah Mulondo

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BA (Cur) (UNISA), (Hons), (UNISA), MCur (UNIVEN), PhD (UNIVEN), GDHE (UKZN)


Email address: seani.mulondo@univen.ac.za

Office No: office 06, Foundation area, Building number 3


Dr Seani Adrinah Mulondo

Dr Seani Adrinah Mulondo is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Advanced Nursing Science. She has worked for over ten years in the higher education sector. She specialises in midwifery and has published extensively in peer reviewed and accredited journals. Among her recent publications are:

1) Mulondo, S.A., 2020. Factors associated with underutilisation of antenatal care services in Limpopo, South Africa. British Journal of Midwifery28(11), pp.788-795.

2) Thabethe, L.R., Mulondo, S.A. and Tugli, A.K., 2020. Psychological experiences of pregnant students at the University of Venda, Limpopo Province, South Africa. African Journal of Reproductive Health24(3), pp.18-23.

She has supervised Honours, Masters and PhD students. Dr Seani Adrinah Mulondo is a member of a Professionalisation of Undergraduate Academic Teaching in Multiple Disciplines committee in the Centre for Higher Education and Learning (CHETL) at the University of Venda.

Links to other profiles:

Orchid https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6636-637X

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