Full name: Dr Tshivhase Shonisani Elizabeth
Department: Department of Public Health
Designation: Lecturer

Qualifications: Diploma in General Nursing Science, Diploma in Midwifery Science (Venda Nursing College), Diploma in Ophthalmological Nursing (Elim Nursing School), BA (Cur) (Unisa), BA Cur (Hons), MPH (Univen), PhDPH (Univen)

Phone: +27 15 962 8927
Email address: shonisani.tshivhase@univen.ac.za
Office No: Office no 07 -Faculty of Nursing Old Building


Dr. Shonisani Elizabeth Tshivhase is a Lecturer in the Department of Public Health. She has worked for over 05 years in the higher education sector. She specializes in community nursing, Ophthalmic nursing, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, International community Health issues and has published extensively in peer-reviewed and accredited journals. Among her recent publications are:

1) Tshivhase, S.E., Khoza, L.B. and Tshitangano, T.G., 2021. Application of the information-motivation-behavioral skills model to strengthen eye care follow-up amongst glaucoma patients. African Vision and Eye Health80(1), p.8.

2) Tshivhase, S.E., Khoza, L.B., and Tshitangano, T.G., 2020. Loss to follow-up amongst glaucoma patients in selected hospitals of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. African Vision and Eye Health79(1), pp.1-7.

3) Tshivhase, S.E. and Khoza, L.B., 2020. Challenges Contributing to Loss to Follow-up as Experienced by Glaucoma Patients in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa. The Open Public Health Journal13(1).She has co-supervised  Masters’s (5) students.

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