Dr Takalani Victor Dzaga is a seasoned communicator who has been the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Spokesperson for over 12 years. He graduated from the University of Venda having completed B. Admin, B. Admin Honours and Master of Public Management. Prior to his appointment in 2009, as Director Communications and Marketing, Dzaga spent seven years as a Schools Liaison Officer in the Department of Communications and Marketing at the University of Venda. He also worked as Chief Administrative Officer in the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Promotion, School Administrator in the School of Management Sciences as well as Committee Administration from 1996 to 2008.

Working in the then Department of Public Relations and Development, Dzaga not only concentrated on his portfolio of Student Recruitment, but was involved in Media Relations, Alumni and Convocation, Publications and Events Management as well as Fundraising. He rose through the ranks of an Administrative Officer to the current rank of Director Marketing, Branding and Communication and Editor-in-Chief of Nendila and Alumni News Publications as well as the University Communiques and Annual Reports.

His commitment, hard work and resilience earned him appointment of Acting Director: Communications and Marketing in 2008 and was subsequently appointed Director for Communications and Marketing at UNIVEN in 2009. His wealth of experience in the communication and marketing sector was enlarged by his participation in numerous professional development programmes and conferences around the globe. In 2012 he was admitted as a Public Relations Practitioner (APR) (internationally recognised status) by the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA).

His international exposure includes participating in International conferences hosted by the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in Melbourne Australia, Nairobi, Kenya and Accra Ghana.

Dzaga has short learning certificates from the University of Pretoria, Rhodes University, HELM from the University of Venda. He fulfilled the requirements of Doctor of Administration (D. Admin), at the University of Limpopo in 2018 and the degree was awarded at a graduation ceremony held on 16 April 2019. His thesis focused on Communication Tools for the Enhancement of Effective Governance and Management at Institutions of Higher Learning, A case of the University.

Dzaga serves in various University Structures, i.e. Council, Executive Committee of Council, UIGC Board, Convocation, Senior Management Committee (SMC), Council’s Finance Committee and Senate. He previously served on Careers Exhibition and Information Association Advisory Board and currently serves on Limpopo Public Relations Institute Advisory Board. His skills set includes familiarity with the higher education sector, corporate governance, including risk management, human resources, legal, human rights, socio-economic and institutional branding. He has mentored Public Relations students from the University of South Africa.

The University of Venda Directorate of Marketing, Branding and Communication comprises of: Media Relations and Publications, Media and Sound Broadcasting, Website Content Management, Functions/Events and Visitors, Convocation and Alumni, Schools Liaison, and Institutional Advancement. He is actively involved in resource mobilisation activities for the University’s strategic projects. During his tenure as Director Marketing, Branding and Communication, he successfully organised fundraising campaigns and graduation ceremonies as well as other strategic events. With the support of his Team/colleagues and other stakeholders, he successfully projected a positive image of the University of Venda both locally and internationally. It is worth stating that over the past twelve years, Dzaga successfully increased the reach and impact of the University of Venda’s profile and visibility through the delivery of high value and influential marketing, communications, and public relations in South Africa and internationally. This includes his significant contribution to the development of new partnerships and funding opportunities. This clearly demonstrates that Dzaga has extensive experience in marketing, branding, and communication.

Tel: +27 15 962 8670 / 8112 | Cell phone: +27 82 745 3090 | Email: takalani.dzaga@univen.ac.za

Name: Dr Takalani Victor Dzaga
Designation: Director Communications And Marketing
Qualification: DIPPA (University of Venda Production), BADMIN (University of Venda), BADHON (University of Venda), DADMIN (UNIVERSITY OF LIMPOPO)
Telephone: 0159628112
Email: takalani.dzaga@univen.ac.za
Office: MAIN ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, Office Number , Floor Number 1

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