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UNIVEN Institutional Advancement
Gifts and grants are tax deductible in South Africa.

Giving to the Univen Foundation is an excellent way to invest in education and the social engagement of UNIVEN Institutional Advancement.

Thanks to donors like you, the Foundation has seen record successes in responding to significant challenges in South Africa. Make a tax deductible donation today to help improve lives! You can help us provide a wide range of programmes that will enable the Univen Foundation to:

• Respond to Univen’s strategic needs.
• Advance teaching and learning.
• Create centres of Excellence.
• Enable students of talent to prosper.

We invite you to Partner with us by donating now!

There are number of convenient options for making your gift to Univen. You can use your credit card, debit card or cheque account to make a gift using our secure form or you can use a variety of other ways. Please use the link at the left to find out more about how you direct your gift to Univen like.

Automated recurring payments

This will enable you to make automatic, recurring gifts to Univen of the amount you choose and the frequency of giving. It provides you with the opportunity to make annual contribution in instalments by authorizing payments to be made directly from accounts

Payroll deduction

Univen employees can make charitable contribution to the University by payroll deduction. To enrol, fill out an authorization form and sent it to Univen Foundation office.

Matching gifts

You may be able to multiply the value of your gift by participating in matching gift program provided by Univen; Univen will match employee contribution at a rate of 1:1, 2:1 or even greater.

Endowment Fund

An endowment campaign is a fund-raising campaign that raises money for an organization to invest rather than spend. The proceeds from an endowment campaign are placed in an endowment fund, the income from which is used by the organization to meet ongoing expenses, cover capital expenditures, or fund special projects and programs.


A gift of Personal Property, such as money, stock, bonds, or jewelry, owned by a decedent at the time of death which is directed by the provisions of the decedent’s will; a legacy. A bequest is not the same as a devise (a testamentary gift of real property) although the terms are often used interchangeably. When this occurs, a bequest can be a gift of real property if the testator’s intention to dispose of real property is clearly demonstrated in the will. There are different types of bequests. A charitable bequest is a gift intended to serve a religious, educational, political, or general social purpose to benefit mankind, aimed at the community or a particular segment of it. Charitable bequests also reduce the estate taxes that might be owed on the estate left by a decedent. A demonstrative bequest is a gift of money that must be paid from a particular source, such as a designated bank account or the sale of stock in a designated corporation. • A general bequest is a gift of money or other property that can be paid or taken from the decedent’s general assets and not from a specific fund designated by the terms of the will.

• The gift of personal property under the terms of a will. Bequests are not always outright, but may be “conditional” upon the happening or non-happening of an event (such as marriage), or “executor” in which the gift is contingent upon a future event. Bequest can be of specific assets or of the “residue” (what is left after specific gifts have been made).

More information on Endowment Funds

Areas to Give to

• Schools • University wide • Disabled Student Unit • Infrastructure campaign • Student Financial assistance • Capacity building

Special gift opportunity

This is particularly good news for high-income taxpayers. Because your gift to or donation to charitable distribution will be excluded from your taxable income, it can prevent you from being subject to the new higher income tax rate. And because the distribution is simply excluded from income – rather than claimed

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