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Important Notes
If you cannot see your results due to outstanding fees or Library books, you must make sure that your fees are paid and you do not owe any Library books.
Confirmation of address form to courier degree / diploma certificates

 Procedure to be followed by graduates on the issuing of certificates (June 2021 graduation) 

  • Graduates should complete the Confirmation address Form to Courier Degree Certificate. 
  • They should ensure that they have settled the University Fees before completing the form. 
  • Ensure that the whole form is completed, and a certified copy of the ID is at hand, 
  • Scan the form and the copy of the certified ID. 
  • Forward the completed form and certified copy of the ID to: 
  • Those who wish to collect personally should also complete the form but should indicate in the space provided that they will collect personally – then an appointment will be set for them to collect. 
  • Those who want the Proxies to collect the certificate on their behalf should also complete the Proxy Form and an appointment for collection will be set with the Proxy once we received the Proxy Form with all required documents. 
  • No form will be accepted from the nominated person unless it has been forwarded by the owner of the certificate to: 
Download Confirmation of Address Form
Examination Staff

Name: Mr Ntovheleni Robert Netshisumbewa
Designation: Admin Officer

Name: Mr Azwinndini Mulaudzi
Designation: Assistant Registrar - Auxiliary Services

Name: Mrs Grace Tintswalo Shitlhavani
Designation: Chief Exam Officer (Exam)

Name: Ms Nyadzanga Ivy Mukondeleli
Designation: Senior Administration Officer (Exam)

Name: Mrs Mpfareni Mildah Masevhe
Designation: Senior Clerk

Name: Mr Avhashoni Ronald Mudau
Designation: Senior Clerk

Name: Mrs Nkhangweleni Florence Mafukata
Designation: Auxilliary Services And Exam Clerk

Name: Ms Lufuno Precious Matidze
Designation: Auxiliary Serv And Exam Clerk

Name: Mrs Tshifhiwa Mudau
Designation: Clerk Grade Ii(Exams)

Name: Mr Ndivhuwo Sandani
Designation: Typist/Clerk (Exams)

Name: Mr Aluwani Rathogwa
Designation: Assistant Clerk (Exams)

Examination Timetable

Examination Results

Application For a Aegrotat / Special Examination

Contact Examination Office

Name: Azwinndini Mulaudzi
Designation: Assistant Registrar

Tel: +27 15 962 8967 / 8885 / 8958/
Email: /

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