Examination Rules

1. Candidates must present themselves at least thirty minutes before the commencement of the examination. 

2. No student will be allowed into the examination room without presentation of his/her student I.D. card. Such cards must be presented on request at any time during examination. 

3. Any candidates who, without authorization, takes into the examination room any documents or objects which may be of assistance to him/her, and falls to hand in some to the invigilator prior to the commencement of the examination shall be guilty of an infringement of the University examination rules and is subject to such disciplinary committee of the University decides to impose. 

4. Rough work may be done in the examination answer book only and must be indicated as such. No rough work can be done on the question paper. 

5. Under no circumstances may a candidate retain the examination answer book or remove it from the examination room, and/tear pages from it. 

6. A student who renders help, or attempts to help, or receives or requests such help with regard to the examination will be guilty of an infringement subject to disciplinary measures by the University. 

7. A candidate may not leave the examination room before one hour after commencement of the examination. No student will be allowed into the examination room after one-hour commencement of the examination. 

8. Any device not specified on the question paper, including cell phones, smart watches are banned in the examination room. 

N/B: If a student contravenes any of the above examination rules, the University will be left with no other option but to subject the perpetrator/s to the University of Venda disciplinary processes in terms of its General Rules and Regulations for Students. In this regard, the perpetrator if found guilty, will be issued with a sanction which may include a suspension from the University for a particular period. 

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