The researcher must make efforts to ensure the validity of data that has been collected- Dr Bankole

“Data should be stored in a manner that ensures its authenticity and integrity as well as meeting all legal and confidentiality requirements,” said Dr Awuzile Bankole, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Built Environment at the Central University of Technology, Bloemfontein.

Dr Bankole was speaking during the Research Data Management Workshop which was held at the Research Conference Centre on 14 November 2017. The event was organized by University of Venda (Univen)’s Directorate of Research and Innovation.

Dr Bankole presented on ‘research data management and the researcher towards best practice’. Dr Bankole said that data consists of information or observations that are associated with a particular research paper.

“Research data management is the process of managing the datasets gathered from various sources in a manner that engenders integrity and credibility to the outputs of the research project,” Dr Bankole added.

Dr Bankole further said that effective management of research data increase research impact by maximising the visibility of data and promoting transparency in research, prevent unauthorised use by addressing privacy and confidentiality issues throughout and beyond the research project; and safeguard research data by establishing appropriate storage, backup and management.

Research data should be freely accessible so that the same data can be re-used- Prof Ochara

Prof Nixon Muganda Ochara, Research Professor in the School of Management Sciences, said that data is the lowest level of abstraction from which information and knowledge are derived. “Research data is recorded
and factual material commonly retained by and accepted in the community as necessary to validate research findings, although the majority of such data is created in digital format. All research data is included irrespective of the format in which it is created,” said Prof Ochara.

Prof Ochara added that the levels of managing data includes documenting the research, structure file and use of metadata tools. “The research data cycle involves creating data, processing data, analysing data, preserving data, giving access to data and re-using data,” said Prof Ochara.

“Data is meant to be shared. Research data should be freely accessible so that the same data can be re-used. You have to protect your data before making it available to the public”. Prof Ochara is a C3 National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher.

The workshop will improve our research output- Senior Prof Ekosse

The Director in the Directorate of Research and Innovation, Senior Prof Georges Ekosse, reiterated that data management is very important. “Make use of the information given to you. Go and put it to practice,” said Senior Prof Ekosse. He added that the workshop will help Univen researchers to improve their research output.

We have to reduce poverty through research- Mrs Nemaangani

“There is a lot of research to be conducted in order to improve the economy of our province. We have to alleviate poverty through research and your research should benefit the communities,” said Mrs Priscilla Nemaangani, Univen’s Research Administration Officer when proposing a vote of thanks.

Researchers came in numbers to grasp information about research data management

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