In the past 24 hours, South Africa reported about 3 221 new cases of COVID-19 infections. This shows an increase in the spread of the virus and alarming rate of infections. The numbers of daily death rate owing to the COVID-19 over 24 hour increased to 44 people and still counting. 

South Africa and the world is anticipating the third wave of the pandemic, other countries are already severely affected by the wave with the new strain identified. Since Univen recently started with the academic calendar, it is advisable that we are always alert and ready to deal effectively with the third wave of COVID-19. The year 2020 was challenging academically and in many ways, we hope for a better 2021 year through our individual and collective efforts and commitment. 

It is upon this background that we urge all employees and students to further intensify our fight against COVID-19 and not relax our guards of protection and prevention. We urge the University community to always wear their protective facemasks in interaction with other people, use appropriate personal protective clothes and gloves where necessary, observe social distancing at all times, sanitize and wash hands regularly to limit the risk of infection and spread of COVID-19 virus.

The management has determined that only first year students should attend contact lecturers while other levels should continue with teaching and learning online. This measure should be maintained until further announcement on the return of students. 

The University community is reminded that all who enters the Campus should have valid screening cards for ease of access. The screening team is always available during working hours at both main gate and Maungani gate. You are encouraged to use the Maungani gate for screenings on peak days, as it is not always congested. 

Staff and students are equally responsible to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19 and preservation of lives by following the prescribed regulations and protocols. All cases of COVID-19 should be reported appropriately to Campus Health to avoid confusion and a state of panic. 

Kind regards, 


Mr A Magadani 

Chairperson of Transversal Committee 

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