On Thursday, 23 May 2019, The University of Venda held a University (Univen) prayer service to pray for the upcoming examinations. The Examinations prayer service was held at the University’s Auditorium under the theme ‘No cheating and exam readiness’. 

In his message of support, Senior Academic Developer from the Academic Development Unit of the Centre for Higher Education, Teaching and Learning (CHETL), Dr Fhatuwani Ravhuhali told the audience to always be ready for anything. He told them that CHETL offices are always open to assist students where possible even during these upcoming examinations. Dr Ravhuhali discouraged students from cheating during the examinations because if they are caught cheating, they will face serious charges that might even jeopardize their careers. 

He advised them to give themselves enough time to study; to make sure that they study at a correct pace and he even told them to draft a study timetable. “Practice on all previous question papers but never try to spot questions, check the styles of and type of questions to expect not which questions to expect.” Dr Ravhuhali continued to tell students to form study groups and to take regular breaks while they are studying. “Do not try to finish the whole scope at the same time. Time management is very important when you study for examinations” 

“Do not eat things that you are not used to because that can disturb you on the day of your exam or while you are still studying. Drink plenty of water and avoid drinking energy drinks as a source of your strength because energy drinks are not good for your health,” he said. 

Minister of Education, Mr Ronewa Mukwevho told students that his office will give students pens, pencils and rulers during the upcoming examinations. He encouraged students to prepare themselves for the upcoming exam. 

When welcoming the guests, Mr Lutando Charlie told students to be like Jesus and prepare themselves for these upcoming examinations. He further told students to rely on the source of their strength, the Creator. Mr Charlie said, “talk to your God, ask him to give you a desired strength to prepare for these upcoming examinations.” Mr Charlie wished them well in the upcoming examinations and advised students to take necessary breaks while they prepare for the examinations. 

Pastor/Dr Simon Mavhungu who is the founder of Everlasting Life Christian Assembly discouraged students from using dagga or any form of drugs which are believed to assist students or give them strength when they are preparing for examinations. He said even if people believe in those drugs, use of drugs will catch up with them at a later stage in life. Pastor Mavhungu prayed for students and told them to always put their trust in their God. He concluded his sermon by wishing them well in the upcoming examinations. 

Worship team singing during exam prayer service 

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