‘Beauty and Brains’ 

Tshepiso Mphidi – Miss UNIVEN 2021/22

As part of UNIVEN celebrating Women’s month, Nendila writers had a chat with Miss UNIVEN, Tshepiso Mphidi.

Tshepiso is an 18-year-old from Tswinga currently doing her 3rd level of bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Tshepiso was crowned Miss UNIVEN in 2021. She said her reason behind entering the competition was to please her father because he was her number one fan.

Tshepiso focuses more on clean-up campaigns because according to her, a healthy and clean environment is equal to a healthy human being. She started a school uniform drive where she has already provided 30 learners with school uniform in Sasalemani village.

Tshepiso Mphidi also initiated a University of Venda food drive during her reign . She mentioned that some of the people who assist with donations are Mr and Miss Vhembe Supranatural, her family, friends as well as some of the University students.

Tshepiso gave special thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Moyo and Mrs. Livhuwani Mokhethi for the support they provided towards fulfilling her dream.

Other charity works that she is busy with include donating clothes to the needy.

Tshepiso advocates for ‘save the Rhino campaign’ as she believes that the future generations also need to see and know the white rhinos. She said since they are about to be extinct, it is everyone’s responsibility to advocate for rhinos because they are part of the big five and it is important for future generations to see what we are seeing not for them to read about them on the Internet like how we do with dinosaurs. 

She mentioned that she wants to see everyone having an opportunity to access basic food and hygiene packets. Her role model is her mom because she has seen how powerful, fearless, goal driven and ambitious she is towards life. 

According to Tshepiso, the sky is not the limit. “Whatever you put your mind to and tell yourself that you will achieve, you will indeed achieve it. Have a positive mindset towards your goals,” she said.  

Her advice to other young girls, is to take each day as it comes and to set achievable goals and milestones. 

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Date: 29 August 2022 

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