On Saturday, 24 November 2018, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) SMC held a meeting with a delegation from Hubei University of Technology to identify and discuss possible areas of collaboration which included among others exchange programmes for both staff and students. The meeting took place at the University’s Council Chambers. The delegation from Hubei University of Technology was accompanied by representatives from Limpopo Office of the Premier.

The delegation from Hubei University of Technology comprised of the Vice- Chancellor, Li Keying; Dean of Engineering and Technology; Dean of School of Language and Culture; Dean of School of Education and Vice Dean of School of International Education.

The delegation was hosted by the University Registrar, Prof Edward Nesamvuni. Prior to the meeting, the delegation was taken around the Campus. The University Registrar made a PowerPoint presentation about the University of Venda, which included the University’s strategic direction. In his presentation, the University Registrar shared with the delegation, the University’s core business areas which included Research and Innovation, Teaching and Learning and Community Engagement. UNIVEN Registrar, Prof Edward Nesamvuni expressed that he hopes that this partnership would uplift staff and provide skills for students while they are still studying. He further mentioned that UNIVEN needs this kind of partnership to boost its scientific research at both Masters and Doctoral levels and to improve its research output. He also indicated that there is a need to empower emerging Lecturers, through the new Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) and to give an opportunity to professors because the partnership would enable them to conduct joint scientific research and publication.

Prof Nesamvuni concluded his presentation by stating that there is a need for both UNIVEN and Hubei University of Technology to validate the partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding. He undertook to share an electronic version of the MoU with the delegation for their perusal and input prior to validation.

The Dean, School of Education, Terry Ye made a presentation for Hubei University of Technology and stated that he believes that this partnership would yield positive results. He said that the Hubei University of Technology is ready for the implementation of this partnership. “After a fruitful meeting we had, I think we should start implementing what we have been discussing. Of course, the actions can be taken after the MoU has been signed by both Universities,” said Terry Ye.

Three proposals were discussed, namely, (i) Joint degrees, student exchange programme where students could spend two years at one University and the other two years at the partner University for a four year programme, and (ii) Institute, four plus zero years at a partner University as well as (iii) free staff training programme at Hubei University of Technology in China. The MoU will be signed once both parties are satisfied with details contained therein.

Meeting in Progress: Delegation from Hubei University of Technology (In white shirts), Univen staff and Limpopo Office of the Premier Representatives listening to the presentation by Prof Edward Nesamvuni.

Group photo of the attendees of the meeting.

Univen Registrar, Prof Edward Nesamvuni (Left) receiving a token of appreciation from Li Keying who is the Vice- Chancellor of Hubei University of Technology.

Li Keying, Vice Chancellor of Hubei University of Technology receiving a token of appreciation from Univen Registrar, Prof Edward Nesamvuni.

Prof Edward Nesamvuni of Univen (Left) and Li Keying of Hubei University of Technology displaying a token of appreciation from Hubei University of Technology.

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