Senior and Executive Management on the first day of the strategic planning session

The University of Venda (UNIVEN) held the Strategic Planning Session for the 2024 Annual Performance Plan and Divisional Operational Plans, between 21-22 September 2023, at Zebula Golf Estate, Bela-Bela. The session was attended by the Executive and Senior Management. The purpose was for the University leadership to align the Annual Divisional
Operational Plan to the ARISE Value Chain Operating Model tied to the 2024 Annual Performance Plan.

Senior and Executive Management on the first day of the strategic planning session the strategic planning session marked a very crucial milestone for UNIVEN’s performance
trajectory. Discussions of this strategic session reflected on the University’s previous year’s performance where participants revisited the University’s Operating Model and the ARISE
Value Chain, its relevance to planning, performance management, risk management and reporting. Participants further considered and finalised their Integrated
Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Biodiversity Plan including considering the Report of Mid-Term Strategy from the External Panel of Reviewers and considering the Draft of the
2024 UNIVEN Annual Performance Plan, Planning and Performance Review Committee Terms of Reference.UNIVEN’s Executive and Senior Management considered the alignment of all divisions/Business Units to the ARISE Value Chain, Operating Model, tied up to the 2024 annual Performance Plan and the respective Annual Divisional Operational Plans. They further articulated what has worked and what has not worked while they were reflecting on mechanisms to be in place to achieve the remaining planned results.

According to the University’s Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Bernard Nthambeleni, UNIVEN’s overall performance against its respective Annual Performance Plans in the last
two years stood just above 60%. He told participants that there is an urgent need to ramp up the University’s performance in 2024 across all 4 strategic thrusts, and more importantly
on Student Centeredness and Engaged Scholarship and Entrepreneurial University.

The Annual Performance Plan, Divisional Operational Plans and the Quarterly reports are key drivers for monitoring the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan 2025.
Prof Nthambeleni told members of the Executive and Senior Management that this planning session provides them an opportunity to reflect on their achievements, learn
from their challenges, and set a clear path forward to make UNIVEN a best performing institution

He further indicated that this planning session provides a platform and opportunity for them as the leaders of the University to set the tone regarding the implementation of the
University’s strategic plan; communication, understand the strategic direction of the University, and provide us space to outline the strategies and tactics needed to achieve
the university’s goals and addresses any challenges that may hamper progress.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) Corporate Services, Dr Robert Martin said the two-day strategic Planning Session was organised for Executive and Senior Management to prepare themselves for the 2024 Academic Year. He said “We need to ensure that our staff members know and work towards the same strategic vision where UNIVEN is going. We have put the emphasis on impact. In all that we do, we need to make an impact in the lives of our stakeholders.” Director: Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation (SME), Dr Mutshinyalo Ratombo presented the External Strategic Plan Review Report. The report provides recommendations for the new strategic plan development. He also presented the consolidated organizational performance report to date.

Director: Institute for Rural Development, Prof Joseph Francis presented the updated UNIVEN Integrated Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Biodiversity Plan (UIEIBP), Director Institutional Planning and Quality Assurance (IPQA), Dr Sannah Mativandlela presented a Draft of the 2024 UNIVEN Annual Performance Plan and Performance Review Committee whilst Deputy Vice-Chancellor Teaching and Learning, Prof Eucebious Lekalakala-Mokgele presented on Teaching and Learning. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Postgraduate Studies, Prof Nosisi Feza presented the Research and Postgraduate Studies contributions to the 2024 Annual performance plan with the objective of alignment to the ARISE Value Chain and Operating Model and the reflection on the strategies for achieving research, community engagement and innovation objectives/targets for 2024 Annual Performance Plan and beyond.

In his Closing Remarks, Prof Nthambeleni mentioned that the discussions during the twoday Strategic Planning session were insightful, and the collective energy and ideas that
were shared were inspiring. The real work starts now, as we move to implement and execute these plans. He told participants that success lies not only in the plans that they
have created but, in their commitment, to seeing them through as a team.

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