L-R: Ms Mahlatse Shokane, Mrs Diana Makwarela, Mrs Uanda Ndou, Mr Botwe Kraziya, Ms Tshilidzi Ramulondi, Mrs Mavis Madzhie, Mr Tebogo Monageng and Mrs Beauty Mutheiwana


On Wednesday, 11 October 2023, the University of Venda’s (UNIVEN) Finance Division held its first Finance Open Day at the Auditorium. The open day was aimed at providing a platform for information sharing and engagement where participants could visit and learn from different stalls. Participants also shared their expertise through exhibitions.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mr Botwe Kraziya, said the Finance Department has opened its doors for all staff to come in and talk to them about services that the Finance Division provides to the University. “As finance people, we make things happen within the university. We know we are not as strong as staff members expect, but we are increasing the capacity of our team to meet your expectations. We are committed to using technology to simplify processes.,” said Mr Kraziya

Mr Kraziya encouraged staff members to work together to achieve a common goal. In his closing remarks, the CFO urged colleagues to join and be part of the solution. He said he is excited to be associated and working with Travel IT because it has solved many previous challenges. “The name of the game today is called collaboration. There is no way you can make it without collaborating with others,” said Mr Kraziya

The Director of Revenue and Financial Aid, Ms Tshilidzi Ramulondi, presented the services offered by the Revenue and Financial Aid (RFA). RFA is a newly formed Directorate within the Finance Division that oversees student debtors’ management, cashier and investment management, financial aid administration, and account
receivables management. NSFAS, Bursaries, Debtors, Cash Management, and ad hoc projects are some of the finance administration responsibilities RFA deals with daily.
Director Financial Management and Reporting (FMR), Mrs Mavis Madzhie presented a high-level overview of the key financial processes within the FMR department. The Department is responsible for budget compilation, Monitoring of financial performance against the projected budget and General Ledger management.
The department is also responsible for New Cost Centre Application; Allocation of Grant Funds; Access to Finance I-Enabler Application and Advance requests. Amongst others. Mrs Madzhie spoke about the role the department plays regarding university tax compliance matters, coordination of external audits, creation of cost centres, and the assigning of rights on the financial subsystem (ITS). She said they are moving towards automating their system.

Ms Mahlatse Shokane presented the Internal Audit and Risk Directorate’s existence within the University. She also spoke about services offered by the Directorate, where she advised staff members to report financial misconduct, misuse or misrepresentation of University assets, suspicious health and safety risks, plagiarism, fraud and corruption that is happening on campus using the University Hotline univenhotline@tip-offs.com or by calling the Hotline number 0800 212 755. She further invited colleagues to consult with Internal Audit and Risk when implementing new processes for advice and assessment for effectiveness.

Mrs Beauty Mutheiwana presented the services offered by the Department of Supply Chain Management and Expenditure (SCM&E). Mrs Mutheiwana further spoke about the responsibilities of all sections within SCM&E, including Asset Management, Procurement, Stores, Transport, and Expenditure.
Mr Tebogo Monageng, a Consultant from Travel IT, spoke about the services offered by Travel IT. He explained the system’s benefits, including convenience through mobile bookings and approvals, the ability to choose the most cost-effective solutions to manage costs, and the app’s user-friendliness.

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Date: 13 October 2023

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