It was a rather sombre moment for the University of Venda (Univen) as it bid farewell to its Director of International Relations, Mr Cornelius Hagenmeier, during a farewell function that took place on Monday, 28 August 2017 in the Council Chambers.

Prof Mbati (right) handing a gift to Mr Hagenmeier (left) for his contribution

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof Peter Mbati, commended Mr Hagenmeier for the excellent leadership he provided in the Directorate of International Relations. Prof Mbati said “It is a sad moment to say goodbye to a colleague of this calibre. He had energy, commitment and enthusiasm towards his work. He was brilliant and always demonstrated commitment in the performance of his duties.”

“You have greatly advanced internationalisation at UNIVEN in its many facets in support of the academic core business and for that we are very proud of you. We wish you well in your future endeavours. It is a very big loss for us. We would have loved you to continue to be here to contribute to the advancement of this University,” Prof Mbati added.

I will miss you my colleague- Prof Crafford

“I certainly will miss you as a colleague,” said the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Prof Jan Crafford. Prof Crafford said he enjoyed the working relationship with Mr Hagenmeier. “He never found himself in trouble because he always meet his deadline and he is a workaholic,” Prof Crafford added. He also said that Mr Hagenmeier had an amazing ability to complete his tasks.

Hagenmeier led by example- Dr Obadire

The Chief Administrative Officer in the Directorate of International Relations, Dr Segun Obadire, said “It is sad that we are going to miss you as our friend and a colleague. You were a pillar of my strength.” Dr Obadire mentioned that Mr Hagenmeier showed him that there is no limit to where you want to be in life. “He led by example and always encouraged us with our tasks. He helped me in obtaining my PhD,” Dr Obadire added. “He started the Directorate of International Relations from scratch. Without his efforts, it was not going to be established. We will sustain his legacy.”

I will always stay committed to Univen- Mr Hagenmeier

“Thank you for the support and trust. I am truly humbled by this send off,” said Mr Hagenmeier. He said that he had learnt a lot during the decade he spent at Univen. “I am who I am because of Univen. I will always stay committed to Univen. I will be its ambassador,” he added. Mr Hagenmeier boldly said “I leave Univen being a transformed person”.

He acknowledged the people who made the Directorate of International Relations successful. He thanked his colleagues for wonderful working relationships, as well as friendships that had been developed over the past years.

Mr Hagenmeier joined the University in 2007. His ten year tenure began as a lecturer in the School of Law. He will be joining the University of the Free State.

We thank you for your cooperation- Prof Nesamvuni

The University Registrar, Prof Edward Nesamvuni, acknowledged the members of senior management who attended the function. He applauded Mr Hagenmeier for his cooperation. “The cooperation was very excellent. We thank you for the commitment. I hope you will play a big role of being an ambassador of this University,” Prof Nesamvuni concluded.

You were dedicated to your work- Mr Dzaga

The Director of Communications and Marketing, Mr Takalani Dzaga, who was the programme director also applauded Mr Hagenmeier for his selfless dedication.

Univen bids farewell to the Director of International Relations, Mr Cornelius Hagenmeier

Mr Cornelius Hagenmeier (middle) with some staff members of International Relations Directorate

L-R: Dean Annette Lansink and Mr Cornelius Hagenmeier

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Date: 29 August 2017

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