On Thursday, 30 June 2022, the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Campus Health Clinic held a function to bid farewell to COVID-19 community health care workers. This farewell event was held at Porche Villa hotel in Muledane. The main purpose of the event was to appreciate and thank all the health care workers who risked their lives to save the lives of others.

Mrs Maggie Hlungwane

Mrs Maggie Hlungwane, HIV Coordinator at Campus Health Clinic gave a word of motivation and advised the health care workers on five matters that they should consider in order for them to excel in their future endeavours. The first point that she outlined was pride, she said pride can prevent a person from achieving better results in life and they should limit the use of pride to a certain level. The second one was being obedient- when you do not want to listen to other people or to take any instruction from other people, you limit yourself from growing career wise. She advised them to always remain obedient. “Do not be greedy. Be happy to always share with other people. Allow yourself to learn new skills.” Lastly, Mrs Hlungwane advised them not to allow themselves to be destructed by minor items that could hinder their success.

Mr Tshamunwe Ralineba

Mr Tshamunwe Ralineba who is the Senior Administration Officer at the Printing Section of the University, mentioned how privileged he was to work with the health care workers. He also mentioned how scary it was for him to work during level 4 of the National Lockdown because that was when the virus was still strong, and many people were dying due to COVID-19 complications. Mr Ralineba expressed that he and his team understood the role that they were tasked with, hence they soldiered on.

Dr Thivhulawi Malwela

Amongst the speakers was Dr Thivhulawi Malwela representing the Transversal Committee who told the community health care workers that they are heroes and heroines of this University because they have risked their lives to protect staff, students and visitors. Dr Malwela further told them that they have fought a good fight.

University Registrar – Adv Edward Lambani

The University Registrar, Adv Edward Lambani thanked this dedicated team for their teamwork and for their commitment on the assignment that they were tasked with. 

He told them that they were our pillars of strength during the pandemic because they took the risk to save other people’s lives. “Your lives are not worth the money that you were paid for every month, your lives are priceless. Your lives are at the prices that no money can buy. You are our heroes and heroines, and our words are not enough to express how thankful we are,” he concluded. 

Ms Olga Ligege

In her response, representing the health care workers team, Ms Olga Ligege thanked the University of Venda for the opportunity given to them. She said though the situation was tough at some point, they have enjoyed interacting with staff and students at this University. 

A group photo of campus health care workers posing with the University Registrar, Advocate Edward Lambani (front row, fifth from far right), Dr Thivhulawi Malwela (fifth from far left in the front row), Mrs Maggie Hlungwane (sixth from left), Mr Tshamunwe Ralineba and Mr Andisani Mathelemusa


The programme was directed by Mr Andisani Mathelemusa (Pictured above)

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