Mr Justice Shipalana

On Friday, 22 October 2021, the Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication of the University of Venda (UNIVEN) held an event to bid farewell to Mr Justice Shipalana who was the Assistant Media and Sound Broadcasting Officer at the University’s UNIVEN FM. Mr Shipalana joined the University on 01 September 2016, and thus has served the University for a period of five years. This farewell function took place at the University Council Chambers. 

Mr Shipalana said he has learned and contributed a lot at UNIVEN FM. “I have always made sure that everywhere I go, I put the name of the University of Venda before me.” He said his love for UNIVEN is what drove him to choose to study at UNIVEN than at any other University. Shipalana obtained his Media Studies degree at UNIVEN. “I am a product of this University. UNIVEN is my home, and I am not leaving for good.” Mr Shipalana continued to say that he is going to acquire more skills that he will bring to the University upon his return. 

UNIVEN FM Station Manager, Ms Tshilidzi Shirinda who is the Media and Sound Broadcasting Officer said it is sad to say good-bye to one of your colleagues, but every man’s journey is guided by God, and we shouldn’t stand in the way of God’s plan. She congratulated Mr Shipalana on his new job and wished him well in his new position. 

UNIVEN FM ‘s Marketing and Sales Officer, Ms Portia Mugwedi explained Mr Shipalana as a hardworking, professional team player. She said Mr Shipalana has always brought creativity to the station. She further wished him success and excellence in his new job. 

In his farewell message, Director Marketing, Branding and Communication, Dr Takalani Dzaga said it is not easy for one to talk when they are losing one of their own. He said when he received a call from Mr Shipalana informing him about his resignation, he could not believe it. “Even today I haven’t accepted that Mr Shipalana is leaving the University.” Dr Dzaga continued to say that Mr Shipalana has made a very huge contribution in the success of UNIVEN FM. He explained him as a good team player who has contributed towards the achievement of the University’s goal. These five years that you have spent at the University has made you the person you are today. “It is difficult to bid farewell to a person of your calibre. We began with an easy hello but finished with a difficult goodbye”. 

He said ‘Creating future leaders’ does not only apply to students but also to staff members. Therefore, the University is releasing a leader who will contribute towards building the country. “Indeed, we are creating future leaders.” Dr Dzaga encouraged staff members to set themselves goals that they will be looking forward to achieving. He concluded his talk by mentioning that this event was not intended to mark the end of the relationship between Mr Shipalana and the University, but a ceremony to celebrate his contributions and achievements. He advised him to hoist the University flag high wherever he is going. 

Convocation and Alumni Officer, Mr Mashudu Ramaleba said, as the Alumni Officer, he is not happy with Mr Shipalana’s departure because Mr Shipalana is a product of this University. He said he feels happy when the University hires its own products because this is a clear indication that the University believes in its own products. However, Mr Ramaleba said that he is happy that Mr Shipalana’s career is improving because this new job will assist him to acquire new skills. 

Dr Takalani Dzaga (right) and Ms Tshilidzi Shirinda (left) handing over a gift to Mr Justice Shipalana (Middle) 

Department of Marketing, Branding and Communication staff members posing for a group photo with Mr Shipalana after the event

Issued by: 

Department of Marketing, Branding & Communication 

University of Venda 
Tel: (015) 962 8525 /8710 
Date: 26 October 2021 

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