University of Venda Mission and Vision


A university leading in engaged scholarship


The University of Venda produces graduates that are locally relevant and globally competitive

Institutional Values

• We are driven by Quality and Excellence in all we do and passionate about learning, innovation and creativity;

• We embrace Accountability and are committed to responsible use of human, fiscal & physical resources;

• We are open and Transparent to public scrutiny;

• We are passionate about our Integrity and accept the responsibility to act ethically;

• We believe in Respect and treating all people and our stakeholders with civility and dignity;

• We believe in Diversity and recognize and respect diversity in all its manifestations;

• We accept our Social Responsibility and Community Engagement in serving and contributing to the intellectual, social and economic well – being of our communities;

• Environmental Stewardship, as an institution of higher learning, UNIVEN must lead the way in decreasing carbon footprint and instills a sense of pride in caring for the environment in our staff and students.

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