University of Venda Corporate Identity

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The Univen corporate identity guidelines

Univen is investing in a brand strategy, following a rigorous approval process that involved internal and
external stakeholders.
The result is a fresh look-and-feel that distinguishes the university as a leader in tertiary education –
globally aware and at the same time locally relevant.

However, YOU must become the brand – YOU are the brand.

It is essential that all of us communicate clearly and consistently about our identity, adhering rigorously to the identity’s graphic standards.

This guide will assist anyone who manages, writes, edits or designs printed, electronic or other collateral.
It explains brand fundamentals, how to apply the identity system and provides examples of typical

By collectively adhering to the style guidelines in this manual, we will increase the value of the brand.
It’s an exciting period for Univen – an opportunity to enhance our position as a unified global leader – be the brand. Should you be unsrue about the application of the corporate identity, contact the Directorateof Communications and Marketing

Tel: +27 15 962 8670 / +27 15 962 8112

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