• When the University was established in 1982, the majority of staff was white

• The mix of staff from diverse backgrounds created a unique atmosphere and a fertile environment for new ideas and capacity for change

• As an institution crafted within the historical South African social environment, the University has evolved to be an independent tertiary learning and research institution

• Its strength is in its leaders who have contributed immensely to today’s forward thinking UNIVEN

• Throughout its existence, the University’s student base has always played a very active role. The Student Representative Council is represented at the highest level of decision making, Council

• With the advent of democracy in 1994, and with a new leadership, UNIVEN embarked on a process of accelerated transformation

• Between 2000 and 2005, centres and institutes were created to serve as sources of income generation, to complement academic activities and to best respond to local and international needs

• UNIVEN Radio was established in 1997

• At the 2012 Higher Education South Africa fellows exchange programme, UNIVEN was applauded as a bastion of transformation

• The Annual Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for excellence in research plays a vital role in entrenching a culture of research on campus

• The Institutional Planning and Quality Assurance Directorate was established to ensure that the University meets its planned level of quality and performs to specifications and raise the level of academic and administrative performance to national and international standards

• SAICA Accredited Bachelor of Accounting Sciences

• Accredited LLB

• Exponential growth in research outputs

• All UNIVEN programmes HEQSF aligned

• Review of the strategic plan

• Clean PQM

• Introduction of new programmes

• Increased leverage on internationalisation

• More than R4 billion infrastructure investment from DHET

• Close to R200 million from Council controlled funds towards infrastructure projects

• R300 million DBSA loan for student residences

• Growth of Bandwidth

• Implementation of online application and registration

• Linking of student leadership with academic performance.

The University of Venda (UNIVEN) won the Golden Arrow award, the highest award in the category of institutions of higher learning, during the Limpopo Provincial Survey Business Excellence Awards. The awards are the culmination of a research process in which companies and institutions are rated based on respondents’ perceptions. Read More

UNIVEN’s Vuwani Science Resource Centre emerged victorious and received a Communication Award for outreach and awareness during the 2021/2022 National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) currently underway (21 July 2022) at Houghton Hotel, Johannesburg . A team led by the Vice-Chancellor and Principal Dr Bernard Nthambeleni is in attendance to support the award recipient, Vuwani Science Resource Centre Coordinator, Dr Eric Maluta. This is a great achievement for the University of Venda. We’re so greatful for this achievement. Watch award ceremony on Youtube

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