Ismail Mahomed Centre for Human and Peoples’ Rights



Development, Rights and Civic Engagement (DRCE) Unit


Deficit of good governance, development, a human rights culture and sustained civic engagement is a huge challenge across Africa. This is in spite of institutional and normative standards that are evolving on these important themes at national, regional and international levels. While structures are important, an effective participation and implementation of standards is key in ensuring good governance, durable development and active engagement of the public.

Through research, capacity building and advocacy the DRCE Unit works with stakeholders to promote national, regional and international standard setting instruments relating to good governance, development and human rights advancement. It carries out research, capacity building, promotion, awareness raising, technical assistance, co-organisation of national, continental and international events and other advocacy measures on key instruments including Agenda 2063, UNSDGs, and other development and human rights instruments emanating from subregional, regional and multilateral grouping. It does the foregoing with the purpose of fostering social justice and active civic participation

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