Ismail Mahomed Centre for Human and Peoples’ Rights



Climate Justice, Biodiversity, Extractives & Sustainability (CBES) Unit


Due to climate change and activities by the state and multinational corporations in the extractive and biodiversity sector, there is current evidence at local, national, regional land international level that people are threatened to lose livelihoods, to be displaced, to experience exclusion/ deprivation of access to water, land and natural resources resulting in increasing hunger and poverty. There is increasing recognition of the role of human rights to address these critical issues.

Through research, capacity building and advocacy the CBES Unit works with stakeholders to: interrogate and project the voices of rights holders  and victims on sustainable use of natural resources; examine the impacts of climate change and climate change measures on human rights; clarify legal issues in the area of state and business responsibilities, sustainability, climate adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and financing; provide input at policy formulation and implementation  fora  on ways in which human rights principles can contribute to improvement in the climate and extractive sectors.

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