The Library’s collection consists of books, and journals (electronic and print). Library facilities include computer workstations with internet access, printing, and photocopying. The library also offers study areas including a 24 hour study area that is accessible 7 days per week, and cubicles with internet ports for masters and doctoral students.
The library has three main divisions under the Director, Library Services:
(1) Circulation Services which is comprised of Main issue desk, short loans, information commons and InterLibrary loans.
(2) Reference Services which is made up Information services, Law library and Special Collections.
(3) Technical Services which is comprised of technical processing, periodical section and Acquisitions.

The Law Library is a section within the main building housing the legal collection. Some of the services on offer are circulation, document delivery, information services (these include direct support to individual students and academics) and training in the use of the library and its resources.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the University of Venda Library is to provide a comprehensive information service to its students, staff and the community outside the University. The Library will achieve its mission by means of advanced information and communication technology, well trained staff and a comprehensive stock of information resources.

The vision of the University of Venda Library is to be a dynamic, user focused information service provider that caters for teaching, learning and research within fields of study that are responsive to the needs of rural and regional development in Southern Africa.

Director's Profile

MT Mulaudzi

Mushoni Mulaudzi has served in the library field for more than 25. She has extensive managerial experience in leading and managing academic libraries. Her contribution in the Library profession includes serving as a member of Council of the African Library Association of South Africa (ALASA), Regional Representative of the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), member of the Limpopo Provincial Library and Information Service Board responsible for advising the MEC on library and information services matters in the province, Chair of Gauteng and Environs Library and Information Consortium (GAELIC) and is currently a member of the Committee of Higher Education Librarians EXCO. Mrs. Mulaudzi heads a staff establishment of 45 staff members

Library Rules
  1. Membership
  2. Opening Hours
  3. Library Registration: External members
  4. Library Orientation
  5. Loan of Library Materials
  6. Study Collection
  7. Periodicals
  8. Reference Material
  9. Special Collections
  10. Inter-Library Loan
  11. Mutilation, damage and loss of Library material
  12. Overdue material
  13. Unauthorised Removal of Library Material
  14. Payment of monies due
  15. Photocopying
  16. Ordering of Library material
  17. Media Centre
  18. Study Cubicles
  19. Use of Library Venues
  20. Visits by Schools and Colleges
  21. General

. Membership
The Library is accessible to the following categories of users: registered students, members of the full-time and part-time academic staff, Library staff, administrative staff members of the University, the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and members of the University Council.
Registered students and/or staff of other Universities or Technikons, who wish to make use of the Library may apply to become external users. Such membership is subject to specific regulations.

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2. Opening Hours
The Library is open during the following hour

Day Time
Mondays – Thursdays 09:00 – 22:00
Friday 09:00 – 20:00
Saturdays 08:30 – 14:00
During Vacations 08:00 – 16:45 Mondays to Fridays

Changes in the opening hours will be indicated by notices issued by the Library from time to time.The Library is closed during the end-of-year closure period of the University.

3. Library Registration: External members
Registration must be done at the Inter-Library Loans Section

4. Library Orientation
4.1 It is compulsory for students to attend a Library orientation session on the day set aside for their School’s Library Orientation.
4.2 Further orientation will be arranged with lecturers during the course of the year.

5. Loan of Library Materials
The following regulations apply to the loan of materials:
5.1 Undergraduates
5.1.1 Undergraduates may borrow 3 books at a time, each for a period of 14 days, and 1 item from the Study Collection for 2 hours at a time.
5.2 Postgraduates
5.2.1 Postgraduates may borrow 6 books at a time, each for a period of 30 days, and 1 item from the Study Collection for 2 hours at a time.
5.3 Academic Staff
Academic staff may borrow 20 books at a time for a whole semester.
5.3.1 Books are loaned during vacations on the same terms as set out above.
5.3.2 All books must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the date slip.
5.3.3 The Director : Library Services reserves the right to recall any loan.
5.3.4 Material issued to borrowers may not be transferred to other people.
5.4 Return of material
5.4.1 Material must be returned directly to the staff at the Issue Desk, Study Collection, or Media Centre.
5.4.2 On no account must they be placed on the shelves by borrowers.
5.6 Non-Return of Library Material
5.6.1 Examination results will be withheld in the event of Library material not being returned.
5.6.2 The replacement value plus a processing charge per item will be levied in the event of non-return of Library material on time.

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6. Study Collection
Publications that are in heavy demand may be put on reserve by lecturers. The following
regulations apply to the loan of material from the Study Collection:
6.1 The material may not be taken out of the Library during the day.
6.2 The loan period is 2 hours at a time and the periods are fixed.
6.3 The loan period may be extended for a further 2 hours if no other user has requested the item.
6.4 The material may be used outside the Library overnight or over weekends.
6.5 Study material issued for overnight or over weekend use must be returned not later than 09:30 of the following working day.
6.6 Photocopies and theses on reserve are for use inside the Library only.
Please Note: Unlicenced photocopies will not be accepted at Reserve Section

7. Periodicals
Periodicals may be consulted in the Periodicals Section only and they may not be taken out of the Library.

8. Reference Material
Reference material may be used in the Library only.

9. Special Collections
9.1 The Library has a number of special collections of which the Es’kia Mphahlele Collection is the most noteworthy. Other components under this heading are the:Thesis collection, Rare Books collection, Government Publications, Staff research collection.
9.2 Items from these collections may only be used within the areas where they are kept. The section is not open on Saturdays.

10. Inter-Library Loan
Inter-lending services may be used when the material required is not available from our Library. The service is for lecturers, postgraduates and administrative staff members.

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11. Mutilation, damage and loss of Library material
This includes underlining, through-lining, writing comments, removing pages or disfiguring books in any other way.
As patrons of the Library, users are fully responsible for material they have damaged, mutilated or lost. The following charges will be levied in case of damage or mutilation or loss of Library material:
11.1 An amount to be determined by Council upon the recommendation of the Director : Library Services.
11.2 Damaged materials, even if paid for, remain the property of the Library and are not returned to the person responsible for the damage.

12. Overdue material
Material becomes overdue after the loan period has expired, and borrowers will be subject to the following fine rates:
12.1 Material from the open shelves: R3,00 per day.
12.2 Material from the Study Collection: 50c per hour or part thereof.

13. Unauthorised Removal of Library Material
13.1 No material may be removed from the Library without being properly issued to the user.
13.2 Borrowers apprehended attempting to remove library material illegally may be subject to punishment as determined by the Director : Library Services. The punishment may include:
13.2.1 being blacklisted;
13.2.2 appearing before the Disciplinary Committee of the University;
13.2.3 being suspended from the Library for a period determined by the Director : Library Services;
13.2.4 a fine to be determined by the Director : Library Services may be imposed.

14. Payment of monies due
All payments for Library fines should be made at the Finance Department. Receipts should be taken to the Library for updating of Library records.

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15. Photocopying
15.1 For students
The following regulations apply for photocopying services:
15.1.1 Photocopying services are available at 25c per page.
15.1.2 Photocopying services are available during the following hours (Mondays to Fridays):
09:00 – 13:00;14:00 – 16:30;16:45 – 22:00; and08:00 – 13:30 Saturday
15.2 For staff
Photocopying services for staff are available free of charge at Periodicals Section. The following regulations apply:
15.2.1 No multiple copies are allowed.
15.2.2 Only reference books, materials from the Special Collections Section, periodicals and law material, i.e material that is for use inside the Library only, may be photocopied in the Library.

16. Ordering of Library material
16.1 All academic staff members (including part-time lecturers) and heads of sections are encouraged to recommend titles for purchase by the Library.
16.2 Purchase recommendation forms are available from the Acquisitions Section of the Library and should be returned there after completion. Please note that these forms should be approved by the HOD.
16.3 Publishers’ catalogues are sent to departmental heads on a regular basis. Lecturers may consult the catalogues in the office of their departmental heads.
16.4 Multidisciplinary publishers’ catalogues are kept in the Reference Librarian’s Section for lecturers to consult at any time.
6.5 Staff members will be advised when the material they have ordered has been ordered or received. Upon receipt of notification of receipt of ordered material, staff may request the cataloguing staff to process them urgently.
16.6 To avoid frustration, it is imperative that orders be placed long before the material is needed for lectures: ± 3 months in advance for South African published material and ± 6 months for overseas material.

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17. Media Centre
17.1 The Media Centre is open 09:00 – 16:45 Mondays to Fridays.
17.2 Opening hours are the same as for the Library during vacations and holidays.
17.3 The equipment is to be used only for the purpose of
– research;
– study and teaching;
– Venda traditional/Cultural activities;
– University activities, e.g. opening of a new building.
17.4 No video cameras, Tv’s and video boxes will be lent out to individual staff members or students for their personal use.
17.5 No reproduction of video and audio cassettes will be done in the Media Centre.
17.6 Staff may borrow cassettes for overnight or over weekend use.
17.7 Reservation to use cassettes must be done 1 day in advance.
17.8 Students may only use Media Centre information sources in the Library.

18. Study Cubicles
18.1 Cubicles are allocated to bona fide Masters and Doctoral students registered at the University, or supported by the Research and Publications Committee for postgraduate studies at other universities.
18.2 Staff members are not eligible for cubicles, unless they are also registered as above
18.3 A cubicle is only allocated on the recommendation of the Head of Department or the Dean of the School.
18.4 Prospective cubicle users must complete an application form, which may be collected from the Short Loan Desk in the Library.
18.5 A cubicle may be shared with one other user at any one time. The number of users allocated one cubicle may not exceed four.
18.6 No unauthorised persons may use the cubicles.
18.7 Study materials are left in cubicles at the owner’s risk: the Library does not accept liability for loss or damage.
18.8 Users are required to draw up a roster which may be placed, facing outward, on the inside of the window in the door.
18.9 Cubicle keys must be signed in and out in a book kept for this purpose at the Short Loan desk, each time the user wishes to use his cubicle. Users may NOT retain cubicle keys.
18.10 Cubicle times coincide with Library service point hours, i.e
08:00 – 22:00 on weekdays;
08:30 – 14:00 on Saturdays. .
18.11 Cubicle users are subject to ALL existing Library rules and decisions.
18.12 Cubicles are normally allocated on a monthly basis and application may be made for further reallocation.

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19. Use of Library Venues
19.1 Library Hall is available for use by academic staff for the following purposes:
19.1.1 Seminars
19.1.2 Group/class discussions
19.1.3 Lectures by visiting lectures
19.1.4 Meetings of learned/professional societies
19.1.5 Displays/Exhibitions
19.2 Library venues may not be used for time-tabled lectures, i.e. they should not substitute ordinary lecture venues.
19.3 Booking for the venues must be made well in advance at the Secretary to the Director : Library Services.
19.4 No catering is allowed in these venues.

20. Visits by Schools and Colleges
20.1 Visits by these institutions may be allowed by prior arrangement of at least 3 months.
20.2 Groups must be no larger than 100 at a time and they must be accompanied by a
responsible teacher.

21. General
21.1 The Library does not encourage departmental loans. Request for such loans should be
addressed to the Director : Library Services.
21.2 No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the Library.
21.3 Silence must be observed at all times.
21.4 Any dissatisfaction with the Library Service may be discussed with Senior Library staff.

Operating Hours

The Library is open during the following hours:

Day Time
Mondays – Thursdays 09:00 – 00:00
Friday 09:00 – 22:00
Saturdays 08:30 – 17:00
During Vacations 08:00 – 16:45 Mondays to Fridays

Changes in the opening hours will be indicated by notices issued by the Library from time to time.

Contact Details

Phone: +27 (0)15 962 8314
In case of an Emergency: +27 (0)82 881 4555
Email: mushoni.mulaudzi@univen.ac.za

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