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1. AACC Approved Methods Internationally accepted tools for assessing quality and safety of grains and grain products. This collection of collaboratively evaluated methods enables food scientists in industry, academia, and government to ensure consumers have high quality and nutritious foods. Used to: maintain or test for quality of ingredients or products; to meet regulatory requirements; to ensure food safety of ingredients or products; to meet nutrition labelling requirements; to facilitate product development; to solve practical problems; to describe and document protocols used in innovative research; and to train laboratory staff & to teach analytical testing.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                    Off-campus / Remote Access

2. African Journals Online (AJOL) – Multidisciplinary. World’s largest and preeminent platform for hosting African-published scholarly journals. AJOL covers a variety of disciplines including Health; Education; Agriculture; Science and Technology; Environmental Sciences; and Arts and Culture.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                Off-campus / Remote Access

3. Britannica IMAGE QUEST – Multidisciplinary. Provides access to nearly 3 million images from the world’s best image collection such Getty Images and Science Photo Library. Images are rights-cleared for educational use.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

4. Cambridge Core – Multidisciplinary. Provides access to academic content from Cambridge University Press with over 1.6 million peer-reviewed journal articles and 36,000+ eBooks in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                   Off-campus / Remote Access

5. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) – Multidisciplinary. A comprehensive freely available directory of open access scientific and scholarly journals. Covers all areas of Science, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                   Off-campus / Remote Access

6. EBSCOhost – Multidisciplinary. An online research platform offering a variety of popular proprietary research full text databases, eBooks and eJournals from leading information providers. Databases range from multi discipline subject-specific databases to general reference collections.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                    Off-campus / Remote Access

7. Emerald Insight – Multidisciplinary. Provides abstracts and full text articles from academic journals covering the subject areas of Marketing, Management, Human Resources, Quality, Economics, Information Management, Operations, Engineering, Production and Property, Education, Health and Social Care.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

8. Jove – The Journal of Visualized Experiments is the world’s first peer-reviewed scientific video journal. It contains dynamic presentations of methods, data analyses, and results to teach new experimental techniques and improve reproducibility. Articles are published in the fields of biology, medicine, chemistry, and physical sciences.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

9. JSTOR – Multidisciplinary. Full text content of leading academic journals in Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

10. National ETD Portal: South African theses and dissertations (NRF)  – This portal provides access to the full-text of South African theses and dissertations.

11. The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) – This platform enables searching through international electronic theses and dissertations archive.

12. Oxford Academic Journals – Multidisciplinary. A collection of Oxford University Press (OUPs) academic and research journals in the fields of Arts, Humanities, Law, Medicine, Health, Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

13. PressReader – Access to hundreds of South African, African and international daily newspapers and magazines online.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

14. ProQuest – Multidisciplinary. Provides access to thousands of full text scholarly journals, books, trade publications, magazines, reports, dissertations, newspapers and videos in the fields of Health and Medicine, Language and literature, Sociology, History, Politics, Education, Religion and Theology, Humanities, Philosophy, Business studies and Entrepreneurship.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

15. ProQuest eBook Central – Multidisciplinary. Provides authoritative, full-text e-books in a wide range of subject areas along with powerful tools to find, use, and manage the information. Subject coverage includes; Business & Economics, Computers & It, Education, Engineering & Technology, History & Political Science, Humanities, Interdisciplinary & Area Studies, Language, Literature & Linguistics, Law, International Relations & Public Policy, Life Sciences, Medical, Nursing & Allied Health, Physical Sciences, Psychology & Social Work, Religion, Philosophy & Classics, and Sociology & Anthropology.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

16. Sabinet Discover – Multidisciplinary. The ultimate information services tool providing seamless access to comprehensive African Legal, News and Research Content. research content includes online African journals from various disciplines including Business, Finance, Education, Law, Medicine, Health, Religion and Social Sciences.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                Off-campus / Remote Access

17. SAGE Journals – Multidisciplinary. Fulltext journals from a covering a wide range of disciplines such as Social Sciences, Humanities, and other diverse subject areas.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

18. SAGE Research Methods – Multidisciplinary. The ultimate methods library with more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos by world-leading academics from across the Social Sciences, including the largest collection of qualitative methods books available online from any scholarly publisher.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

19. SciFinder – A curated database of chemical and bibliographic information that covers several scientific and biomedical fields, with an emphasis on chemistry. SciFinder contains a wide variety of content from journal articles to information on chemical structures, properties, and reactions.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

Note: when accessing for the first time you must register or create a personal SciFinder account. Click here to register or create an account on-campus. Click here to register or create an account off-campus. For better experience please access via the Microsoft Edge browser.

20. ScienceDirect – Multidisciplinary. Contains over 10 million full text articles and book chapters published by Elsevier Publishers. covered subjects includes Physical Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                 Off-campus / Remote Access

21. Springer Nature – Multidisciplinary. A range of high-quality journals, products, and services across Social, Physical, Chemical and Applied Sciences. This includes online journals and databases.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                Off-campus / Remote Access

22. Taylor & Francis Online – Multidisciplinary. One of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals and Books. Content encompasses all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Health Sciences, Science, Technology, History, Communication Science, Languages, Sociology and Medicine.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                  Off-campus / Remote Access

23. Web of Science – Multidisciplinary. A bibliographic citation database providing an index of current to current and retrospective international multidisciplinary information from high impact research journals across the world. Covers Social Sciences, Humanities and Sciences from 1972 to present.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                    Off-campus / Remote Access

24. Wiley Online Library – Multidisciplinary. Full-text journals covering: Agriculture; Finance & Accounting; Economics, Business and Management; Engineering; Chemistry; Physical Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Computing and Technology: Life and Health Sciences; Humanities; Social Sciences; Mathematics and Statistics; and Law & Criminology.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                    Off-campus / Remote Access

1. Heinonline – Multidisciplinary. Provides more than 198 million pages of periodicals, essential government documents, international resources, case law, and much more. This is a source for traditional legal materials including: reported cases; statutes; government regulations; academic law reviews; commercially produced law journals and magazines; classic treatises; historical, governmental, and political documents; legislative debates; legislative and executive branch reports; world constitutions; international treaties; and reports and other documents of international organizations.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                   Off-campus / Remote Access

2. Juta Law – South African legal journals, law reports, legislation, government gazettes, reference works, legal manuals, and commentaries. Includes case law and statutes from Zimbabwe,
Namibia, Tanzania, and Zambia. The different resources under this database are:
1. Commentary on the Companies Act of 2008
2. Commentary on the Criminal Procedure Act
3. Journals collection
4. Juta’s Labour Library
5. Review of South African Law
6. South African Appellate Division Reports (1910 to date)
7. South African Case Law (1838 to date)

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                   Off-campus / Remote Access

3. Legal Info – A comprehensive legal library and research service that provides a comprehensive and searchable Case Law, Legislation, articles databases; supreme court and Constitutional Court, Labour Court, Industrial Court, and CCMA cases; Bargaining Council agreements; Wages and Sectoral Determinations; regular Case Summaries; as well as daily newspaper scans.

Click here for access instructions

4. LexisNexis South Africa – Access to South African Legal and Regulatory content including Legislation, Gazettes, Law Reports, Statutes and other Legal material.

5. Sabinet Legal Products – Access to the latest South African legal collection including Bills and legislation, Gazettes, Judgments, Municipal By-Laws, as well as historical and archived information.

On-Campus / VPN Access                                                                                                                   Off-campus / Remote Access

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