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Univen Innovative Growth Company (PTY) Ltd

About Us – Who we are

The Univen Innovative Growth Company (UIGC) PTY (LTD) is a company solely owned by the University of Venda. The company has arobust database of professional consultants and trainers who, respectively, provide quality services at competitive rates and offer accredited short courses.

What we do

The Company consists of Units/Centres which are responsible for the management and administration of different services, viz, UNIVEN Commercial Unit (UCU); UNIVEN Centre for Continuing Education (UCCE); UNIVEN CONSULTANCY UNIT (UCU); Editing and Proofreading Unit (EPU) and Statistics and Research Design Unit (SRDU).

Why choose us

UIGC we behave at all times with professional integrity and complies with corporate governance principles in a commercially and socially responsible manner to the best interest of the shareholder and clients.

Operating Units


  1. The Unit manages and administers all commercialization and some commercial projects in the name of the University of Venda.
  2. The Unit utilises individual researcher’s commercial talent fully for the benefit of all parties especially in specialised areas where UCC may not have the required skills.
  3. The unit establishes and invests in commercial ventures


  1. The Unit is responsible for the management and administration of all consultancy projects.
  2. Consultancy activities include in the following:
    1. Consultancy between University and client/s (institutional contract).
    2. Consultancy between University staff and client/s (personal contract).
    3. Consultancy work in a wide range of areas


  1. The EPU offers the following comprehensive services to the University for both academic and operational documentation and to all sectors of the economy, including corporate, government, NGOs and individuals:
    1. Editing
    2. Proofreading
    3. Developing house style
    4. Translation
    5. Transcribing
  2. Our task is to finesse the client’s document by ensuring smooth syntax; proper and precise wording and appropriate punctuation; and adhering to conventions of grammar.
  3. We always do it all: rereading, reviewing, rethinking, rearranging, repairing, restructuring, tightening, sharpening, smoothing, pruning, polishing, punching up, eliminating, transposing, condensing, connecting, cohering, unifying, perfecting!


The Unit offers comprehensive research design and statistical analysis, ensuring the highest possible standard of research design, statistical analysis and presentation of research findings.
The Unit offers the following services:

  • Questionnaire development
  • Data analysis
  • Guidance or thesis writing
  • Training on various statistical packages


  1. The UNIVEN Centre for Continuing Education (UCCE) is responsible for administration, coordination and quality management of short learning programmes/courses across a diverse spectrum of disciplines.
  2. Its multi-disciplinary outreach arm offers credit and non-credit programmes/courses within the framework of life-long learning through part-time classes and other extension activities.
  3. Most of the short courses have a work integrated learning component


Vhembe Municipality
Vhembe FET
Madzivhandila College of Agriculture
Services SETA
Department of Agriculture
Regional Land Claims Commission
Department of Environmental Affairs
Director's Profile

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. John Mudau, Chief Executive Officer-UIGC
Phone: +27 15 962 8682
E-mail: john.mudau@univen.ac.za

John Mudau is the chief Executive Officer of the Univen Income Generation center (UIGC) PTY (LTD), a subsidiary of the University of Venda. He oversees the day-to-day activities of the company. Before heading UIGC, he was Deputy Director in the institute for Rural Development and Senior Lecturer in CRDPA. He serves s the Chairperson of Vhembe FET College council and deputy Chairperson of the Black Management Forum, Limpopo

PhD from the University of Venda
MA (Supervision and Management) from the University of Pretoria
BA Social Work from the University of Venda
Certificate in Project Management from the Regenesys School of public Mananement
Studying for MBA from the Tswane University of Technology (TUT)

Short Courses
Short Courses

A. Agricultural and food/Consumer science technology

  • Catering and Food Preparation(SCF002U)
  • Food Preservation (SFP004U)
  • Farm Equipment (SFE031U)
  • Animal Production (SAP035U)
  • Plant Production (SPP036U)
  • Laboratory Management for Laboratory Technicians (SLM026U
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (SHP047U)
  • Pattern Design and Clothing Construction (SPD045U)

B. Business Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Development (SEN016U)
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers (SFN018U)
  • New Venture Creation (SNV020U)
  • Business Analysis Support Practice (SBS032U)

C. Education and Teacher Development

  • Braille and South African Sign Language (SBS001U)
  • Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy in TVET Colleges (SML010U)
  • Governance, Management and Leadership for School Governing Bodies (SGB) (SSG012U)
  • Curriculum Transformation, Management and Design (SCT027U)
  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL) (SWL028U)
  • Curriculum Development in Higher Education (SCE046U)
  • Assessor Training/Assessment of Teaching (SAT043U)
  • Moderation of Assessment (SMA044U)
  • Educational Law (SEL039U)
  • Higher Education Management (HEM) (SHE005U)

D. Environmental and Natural Sciences 

  • Environmental Practice (SEP021U
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (SGS041U)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) (SEA042U)

E.  General Management and Responsible Leadership

  • Generic Management (SGM024U)
  • Cooperative Management (SCM019U)
  • Office Management for Office Professionals (SOM011U)
  • Women in Leadership (SWL022U)

F.  Human Resources Development and Labour Relations

  • Labour Relations (SLR025U)
  • Labour Law (SLL040U)
  • Strategy Formulation (SSF015U)
  • Mentoring and Coaching (SMC023U)

G. Information and Communication Technology

  • End User Computing/Basic Computer Literacy (SCL029U)
  • Advanced Course on Computer Training (SAC056U)
  • Information and Knowledge Management (SIK057U)
  • Advanced Course in Excel 2010 (SAE058U)
  • ICT for Entrepreneurship (SIE059U)

H. Marketing, Communication and Customer Relations

  • Customer Care (SCC037U)
  • Professional Communication at Work (SPC048U)
  • Customer Service Excellence (SCS049U)

I. Project and Risk Management

  • Project Management (SPM017U)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (SME034U)
  • Disaster and Risk Management (SDR003U)

J. Public Service and Administration

  • Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP) (SMF030U)
  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Processes (MSP) (SMS033U)
  • Local Government Citizen Participation (SLC006U)
  • Local Government Legislative Framework (SLL007U)
  • Local Government Ethics, Values and Integrity (SLE008U)
  • Community Development (SCD009U)
  • Local Economic Development (SLE013U)
  • Policy Management, Implementation and Analysis in the Public Sector (SPP060U)
  • Public Financial Management (SPM061U)

K. Social, Political and Religious Studies

  • Spiritual Leadership Development (SLD014U)
  • Early Childhood Development (SED049U)
  • Counselling and Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (SCH050U)
  • Peace Building and Conflict Resolution (SPR051U)
  • Starting and Sustaining Community Projects (SSC052U)

L. Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM053U)
  • Fleet Management (SFM054U)
  • Production and Operations Management (SPM055U)

Internship Opportunities

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June 23, 2017
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August 17, 2021
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