About Us

About Us

Use of computer technology for teaching and learning started in the year 2014 as a project under ADU in CHETL. The initial project was the use of a Blackboard Learning Management System locally named MYUNIVEN. Since then the project has grown into a department with a wider scope of
– Use of Learning Management System (LMS) Technology for teaching and learning
– Course Development and Baseline Provision
– Keeping abreast of new technological developments and new government initiatives in ICT in teaching and learning in higher education
– To raise the level of competence in the use of ICT’s for teaching and learning among staff and students
– Identifying and developing appropriate opportunities across the curriculum where ICT can enrich teaching and learning
– Use of ICT tools to collect relevant data to support decision making for online teaching and learning purposes
– Automated online teaching evaluation
– Automated student support system
– Online tests and examinations
– E-Learning strategy and governance
– Provision of E-Learning helpdesk, user system administration and support

– Teaching and learning using an LMS
> Online content development
> Collaboration in an LMS environment
> Assessment using an LMS
– E-tutoring
– E-Learning helpdesk
– Student tracking and monitoring system
– Online evaluations
– Specialized computer based testing and examination

Name: Mr Malan Willie Holmes Malande Xazela
Designation: Head E Learning

Name: Mr Thuso Matumba
Designation: E Learning Helpdesk Assistant

Name: Mr Tshimangadzo Monyai
Designation: E Learning Help Desk Assistant

Name: Mrs Mmboniseni Mpande
Designation: Receptionist

Name: Pr0f Humbulani Nancy Mutshaeni
Designation: Director

Name: Mr Nndweleni Mathase
Designation: Secretary - Academic Dev Unit

Name: Mr Matodzi Vele
Designation: Typist Grade I / Clerk Grade Ii

Name: Dr Lethabo Violet Mathye
Designation: Head: Counselling And Career Development

Name: Mrs Morongwa Caroline Takalani
Designation: Student Counsellor ( Clinical Psycho)

Name: Dr. Tshifhiwa Rebecca Mbuvha
Designation: Head: Disabled Student Unit

Name: Mrs Tshifhiwa Christinah Matodzi
Designation: Student Counsellor (Disability Unit

Name: Mr Vhutshilo Macheque
Designation: Adapted Technology Practitioner

Name: Mr Aludowelwi Owen Sirwali
Designation: Senior Clerk

Name: Dr Nkhangweleni Gloria Dama
Designation: Student Counsellor (Clinical Psych.)

Name: Mr Azwitamisi Milton Gadisi
Designation: Library Liaison Officer

Name: Miss Hlayisani Fredah Mboweni
Designation: Educational Development Practitioner :

Name: Dr Langutani Meriam Masehela
Designation: Head: Academic Development

Name: Mr Gift Taruwandira Donga
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Miss Odo Jones Bassey
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Dr Nyawasedza Phellecy Lavhelani
Designation: Chief Admin Officer

Name: Mr Maanda Mukhuba
Designation: Administrative Officer

Name: Mr Mohleiwane Donald Mothisi
Designation: Junior E Learning Practitioner

Name: Ms Livhuwani Sosanah Lavhengwa
Designation: Teaching Assistant - Chetl

Name: Mr Thendo Netshivhazwaulu
Designation: Chetl Student Mentors

Name: Ms Tsakani Emmarencia Nyoni
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Mr Urikonise Mbedzi
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Ms Semmole Johanna Matjila
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Mr Wisani Tshabalala
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Mr Glen Maimela
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Mr Detshego Masete
Designation: Student Tutors Chetl

Name: Dr Fhatuwani Ravhuhali
Designation: Educational Development Practitioner:


Support Days: Monday to Friday
Support Times: 08:00 – 16:45

Staff Support Email: elearningsupport@univen.ac.za

Student Support Email: myuniven@univen.ac.za
Ext: 8170/8152