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Prof MT Mashamba is the Head of Department of Psychology
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Historical information
The Department of Psychology came into existence in 1982 when the University of Venda started. It existed for 20 years in the School of Human Sciences (now Human and Social Sciences) before it was moved to the School of Health Sciences in 2002.

Programme history
It was established as a service department to other departments in Human Sciences and other schools. The department is also having academic Honours, Masters, and PhD programmes. In 2003, the department started with the first professional programme (Bpsych programme) which is aimed at producing competent, ethical and professional practitioners who will meet the needs of South Africa in order to make primary psychological services available in diverse settings thereby enhancing psychological well-being of the public. This qualification is critical in providing good quality psychological care at primary health care level. Qualifying practitioners are able to provide a variety of psychological services at the primary health care level. The qualification is aligned to the National Framework for Human Resources for Health in South Africa and is responsive to the psychological needs and care of the South African population in diverse contexts. The focus of the profession is on prevention, promotion and community based care. This professional training leads to registration with HPCSA as a Registered counsellor

Current situation

The Bpsych programme has produced graduates since 2005. Current staff situation (11 full time positions and 2 part timers

• Vision
To train and develop psychology professionals with appropriate skills to serve the mental health needs of rural and developing communities in Southern Africa

• Mission
The Department is committed to developing quality psychology professionals through problem based methodologies that are underpinned by innovative teaching, research and community engagement initiatives

Bachelor of Psychology
BA (Honours)
Doctor of Psychology
Admission Requirements

All students registering for PROFESSIONAL BACHELOR’S DEGREE should:
• Be in possession of a Bachelor senior certificate
• Have at least a D symbol (Higher Grade ) for English and Life Sciences (Biology) in Standard 10/ Grade 12
• Be subjected to selection process (written and oral)
• Also fulfill other requirements laid by the University

All students registering for HONORS DEGREE should:
• Have a Bachelor degree with Psychology as a major, with an average pass mark of at least 60% in all psychology modules from level one to three
• Be subjected to selection process (written and oral)
All students registering for MASTERS DEGREE should:
• Have an approved honors or Bpsych degree recognized by the university
• Have an average examination mark of 60% in all honors exam modules
• Be determined by the availability of a supervisor
• Be approved by the head of department

• Have an approved Masters degree recognized by the university
• Have an average examination mark of 60% in Masters results
• Be determined by the availability of a supervisor
• Be approved by the head of department

• First entering students should have a minimum of 26 points to be admitted.
• The students are subjected to selection for a professional bachelor degree

3.2.1 Foundation Programme (not applicable)
3.2.2 Higher Certificate (not applicable)
3.2.3 Advance Certificate etc (not applicable)
(For all the qualifications in the School)


BPS1841         Learning Principles and LIFE skills

BPS1842         Introduction to Psychology

BPS1843         Introduction to Applied Psychology

ECS 1541       English Communication Skills

SOC 1541       Introduction to Sociology

SOC 1641       Social Institutions

ECS 1641       English Communication Skills


BPS2841         Child and adult development

BPS2842         Personality theories

BPS2844         Mental health promotion

BPS2843         Employee Wellness Programme

ISO 2541         Sociology of Organization

SOC 2641       Sociology of health and illness


BPS3841         Research Methodology

BPS3842         Community Psychology

BPS3843         Psychopathology

BPS3844         Psychological Counselling Theories

ISO 3541         Management Sociology

ISO 3642        Industrial Relations



IBPS4841        Psychopathology II

BPS4842         Psychological Assessment

BPS4843         Psychological Counselling Techniques

BPS4844         Ethics, professional practice and management

BPS4845         Psychological Counselling Practical

BPS4846         Research project



PSY 5531 Research Methodology

PSY 5532 Developmental Psychology

PSY 5533 Personality Theories

PSY 5721 Research Project

PSY 5631 Psychopathology

PSY 5632 Psychotherapeutic Systems

PSY 5721 Research


Electives (1)

 PSY 5633 Social psychology

PSY 5634 Neuropsychology

PSY 5635 Gender and Psychology


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