Tshivenḓa National Lexicography Unit

Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and Education

About the unit

Tshivenḓa National Lexicography Unit’s key mandate is to document, preserve, develop, and compile monolingual and translation dictionaries that assist in the development of the two languages. They assist students who have registered Tshivenda, Lexicography and BA Language Practice with language related queries. Every year the final year BA Language Practice students benefit from the NLU’s by doing experiential learning.

Staff profile

Full names: Ms. Mulalo Esther Takalani
Designation: Lexicographer
Qualifications: BA, BAHons (Univen) MA Language Practice in Translation (UFS)
Phone: +2715 962 8384
Email: mulalo.takalani@univen.ac.za
Office No: 02, Old Tech Building

Full names: Ms Avhavhudzani Virginia Mantsha
Designation: Lexicographer
Qualifications: BA, UED, BA(Hons) (Univen), MA (UL), Computer Diploma (Techniven)
Phone: +2715 962 8327
Email: Avhavhudzani.Mantsha@univen.ac.za
Office No: 04, Old Tech Building

Full names: Ms. Fhulufhelo Olga Mikosi
Designation: Administrative Clerk
Qualifications: Certificate for the Executive Secretary (Boston City Campus and Business College)
Phone: +2715 962 8143
Office No: 03, Old Economics Building

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