NRF Rated Researchers

No Title Surname Initials Rating Rating category Research Specialization
1 Prof Taylor PJ B3
Internationally acclaimed researcher


Mammalogy, Ecology, Systematics
2 Prof Moodley YM C1 Established researcher


Molecular Ecology, Evolutionary Genetics, Phylogeography, Microbial Evolution, Genomics, Population Genetics, Bioinformatics


3 Prof Bessong PO C1 Established researcher


HIV – Drug Resistance, HIV Genetic Diversity, HIV Molecular Genetics, HIV 99and AIDS Global Health, O1Opportunistic Infections, HIV/AIDS,

Global Health


4 Dr Lee S C1 Established researcher


Phonetics and Phonology African Languages, Phonology Tsonga Language, Phonetics and Phonology Acoustic phonetics Intonation (Phonetics) Language and Languages,

Phonology Tsonga language, Syntax Bantu Linguistics & Language Documentation Descriptive Linguistics


5 Senior Prof Ekosse GE C1 Established researcher


Chemistry of Clay Minerals, Clay Minerals, Applied, Environmental Geology, Environmental Health, Extraction Metallurgy, Soil Mineralogy, Environmental Geochemistry


6 Dr Ndogmo J C2 Established researcher


Lie Groups, Differential Equations,

Mathematical Finance


7 Prof Samie A C2 Established researcher


Molecular Parasitology and Water Related Parasitology, Childhood Diarrhea and Malnutrition, Immunomodulatory Effects of

Medicinal Plants, Opportunistic Infections in HIV and AIDS, Infectious Diseases, Opportunistic Infections, HIV and AIDS – Research, Candida and HIV, Parasites


8 Prof Foord SH C2 Established researcher


Invertebrate Diversity, Spider Systematics, Spider Ecology


9 Prof Jideani AIO C2 Established researcher


Food Sciences, Cereal Science, Starch Chemistry, Food and Nutrition, Protein Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Medical Microbiology


10 Prof Shonhai A C2 Established researcher


Cell Stress and Chaperones, Intermolecular Interactions, Nanotechnology, Infectious Diseases, Malaria – Cell Biology


11 Prof Potgieter N C2 Established researcher


Drinking Water, Infectious Diseases,

Environmental Health


12 Prof Garira W C2 Established researcher




Prof Ochara M C2 Established Researcher


Digital Transformation (e.g. Open Government, e-Government and e-Commerce), Inter-Organizational Information Systems; ICT Strategy & Infrastructure Development; and Business Intelligence & Analytics


14 Prof Jegede AO C2 Established researcher


International Human Rights Law; Climate Change


15 Prof Gwata ET C3 Established researcher


Plant Breeding, Plant Breeding (Genetics)


16 Prof Maputle S C3 Established researcher


Maternal Health, Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health


17 Prof Mapaya G C3 Established researcher African music
18 Prof Babalola S C3 Established researcher


Entrepreneurial Behavior, Work Ethic,

Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Women and Gender Studies, Organizational Behavior, Attitudes and Beliefs, Organizational

Commitment, Health Behavior

19 Prof Gitari WM C3 Established researcher


Natural Water and Environmental Chemistry, Water and Effluent Management, Environmental Geochemistry, Environmental Remediation, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Pollution Monitoring, Phytoremediation, Acid Mine Drainage Remediation, Abandoned Mines


20 Prof Makgopa MA C3 Established researcher African Languages – Linguistics
21 Prof Shateyi S C3 Established Researcher


Fluid Mechanics, Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Thermodynamics Energy Systems, Computational Mathematics, Numerical Methods/Analysis


22 Dr Chari T C3 Established Researcher


Political Communication, Media Representation, Media Ethics, Digital Media, Music Theory, Popular Culture & Journalism Practice


23 Dr Sigauke C C3 Established Researcher Probabilistic Electricity Demand Forecasting and Solar Energy Modelling and Environmental Systems
24 Dr Ndlovu I



Established Researcher


Prison Narratives, Language and Literature



25 Dr Mwale M Y2 Promising young researcher


Animal Production, Animal Nutrition, Animal Health, Household Food Security


26 Dr Diko Makia LB Y2 Promising young researcher


Applied Clay Mineralogy, Environmental Geology, Medical Geology, Geochemistry


27 Dr Swanepoel LH Y2 Promising young researcher


Wildlife Management, Wildlife Population Estimation, Wildlife Ecology, Wildlife Modelling, Wildlife Conservation & Agroecology


28 Dr Tavengwa TN Y2 Promising young researcher


Chemical Sciences; Physical Sciences


29 Dr Edokpayi JN Y2


Promising young researcher

Environmental Sciences; Chemical Sciences; Water Resources; Environmental Engineering


30 Dr Makungo R Y2 Promising young researcher


Environmental Sciences; Hydrology and Water Resources


31 Dr Makhado L Y2 Promising researcher


Health and Medical Sciences; Nursing Sciences; Psychosocial Effects of HIV and AIDS


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