Campus Health Services

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Welcome to Univen Campus Health Services – your primary health care provider on campus.

We offer integrated primary health care, ambulance services and HIV/AIDS services.


To render comprehensive primary health care services supporting the Institutional Vision.


To provide confidential health care through promotive, prevention curative and rehabilitative services; including care, support and referral of those affected and infected by HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Operational Hours:

Monday          –          Friday

08h00             –          16h45

Contact No: +27 15 962 9152 / 9157


Behind New Student Administration building

In case of any emergency contact Campus Control (safety and security) @ ext: 8193, 8120, 8820 & 8071

Campus Health Clinic is situated behind the new student administration building.

  • Primary Health Care

Services such as:

Treatment of minor ailments

Monitoring of Chronic conditions

Sexual and reproductive health

Male medical circumcision

It is a walk-in-clinic which is being run on a first come first served basis. Emergencies are treated immediately.

Free service for students and minimal costs for staff members

  • Ambulance Services

Only in cases of emergencies and evacuation.

After hours services available through Protection offices:

Contact numbers: 015 962 8193/ 8120/ 8820 & 8071

  • HIV/AIDS Services

HIV Counseling &Testing

Initiation of Anti-retroviral (ARV’s) drugs

Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

Support Groups

Peer Education Programme

Students, staff & contractors

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Watch: Campus Health Clinic Orientation

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